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Board / Executive Minutes Mar 07/04

Minutes of Recent Meeting

ACT Executive/Board Meeting
March 7/04


Present:  Jennifer Shields (chair), Emily Hanlin, Greg Hughes, Carl Mathis, Sophia Wong, Terry Pratt, Gerry Gray, Ben Kinder, Andrew Mann, Janet MacDonald, Monique LaFontaine, Brenda Porter (recorder)

Regrets:  Murielle MacDonald

1.  Additions to Agenda
There were no items to be added.

2.  Approval of Minutes
It was moved by Brenda and seconded by Sophia that minutes of the February 4 meeting be approved.  Motion carried.

3.  Business Arising from the Minutes
ACT logo
The generic ad is now available.  Kate Westphal will size as required.
Sophia requires the logo with small case letters. Carl(?) will forward same.
Gondos Videos
Carl reported that a special tape has been ordered and that we will produce the videos.  Jennifer asked whether some folks might wish a refund rather than the video.
Action Item:  Carl will get in touch with folks to determine their preferences.
Tales of Wonder
This project will not go forward at present.

4.  ACT Out Report
Janet reported that 7 had attended the Summerside event and that 7 had supped together prior to the Tom Jackson show.  Possibilities for the next ACT Out were discussed.

5. Office Hours Report
Monique reported that auditions were almost complete.  Greg succeeded in getting Perry Office Supplies to donate the set for the show. 1st rehearsal will be on March 31 at 7:00pm at the Beach House.
Rehearsals for Office Hours for Theatre Festival are in progress.  A truck will be required to move set.
Action Item: Sophia will attend 1st rehearsal. Budget will be presented at the next meeting.

6.  Mailing List

It was noted that the mailing list requires updating.  Gerry explained that any board member could make changes on the web site list.  Brenda agreed to include instructions in the minutes.  Here goes- 

Go to and sign in using your username and password. Once into the admin ‘control panel’, look to the far left. The fifth main menu item down is Post Office. Under this, choose ‘Email Mailing List’. This will bring you an email form with your email address (as listed in your profile) in the ‘From’ box. Fill in the subject and message boxes. Below the message box, choose the list you wish to send to. Make sure you do choose one of the lists. Otherwise the message will go to everyone in our mailing list. As some people have chosen specific lists to receive mail from, you may end up sending mail to someone who prefers not to receive mail. For example, even though there are presently 182 addresses in our total mailing list, the ACTpei Default list has only 166 addresses. Use the ACTpei Default list for maximum coverage without bothering people who don’t wish to receive all mail. Leave the other things as they are and press ‘Send’. The mailing list utility sends mail in batches, so if you are using a big list it may take a little time to complete. That’s it.

Please note that at the present time it is possible to go to our home page and click on the ‘Admin’ link in order to get to the Control Panel. The hosting company has advised me that this is a security risk, so this ‘Admin’ link will be taken off.

7. Your Obedient Servant

Terry reported that there would be a preview performance at UPEI on March 15.  It will be performed for the festival in Summerside on March 24.  Pam Jewell has built a costume, which Terry has purchased.

8. Murder in the Cathedral

Jennifer reported that ads for auditions are going out.  They will be held on April 3 at Trinity United Church in Summerside.  Rehearsals may be held in Kensington.

A budget estimating $7800.00 in expenses (including $300.00 contribution to ACT general expenses) and revenues was presented.  Tickets will be $15 and $13.50 (this does not apply to IRF season ticket holders) for the three performances.

Andrew cautioned that we will need to be certain that we have adequate monies in our account to cover production costs over the next few months.  Jennifer will mention this issue at the next production meeting.

Jennifer reported that a stage manager is still required.

It was moved by Carl and seconded by Sophia that the budget be approved.  Motion carried.

9. J.C. Superstar

Brenda reported that the rights had been paid and that negotiations with the Centre were ongoing.  Given figures being quoted by the Centre, serious consideration is being given to only confirming two performances, and adding a third if a sponsor is found.  Ticket prices will probably be $18 and $16.

Auditions will be held on June 10 (evening) and June 12 (daytime) in the Faculty Lounge.

10. Lend Me a Tenor

Brenda reported that rights have been obtained and that the bill ($240.75) did not have to be paid until one week prior to the first performance.

11. Membership Report

Sophia reported that she had received two new memberships. 

The issue of memberships issued late in the season was discussed. Andrew suggested that a pro rata figure be agreed upon.

It was moved by Andrew and seconded by Sophia that the fee for anyone joining in the last 6 months of the year would be 50% of the normal fee.  Motion carried.

12. Treasurer’s Report

Outstanding Bills

Theatre Festival program ad in the amount of $100.00.

Non-Production Budget

Andrew circulated the budget that includes $1144 in annual payments (insurance, voice mail, etc.) and $770.00 in other payments (ads, workshops, awards, newsletter, etc.)

General Items

Andrew cautioned that we should be very careful about our spending and that all expenditures must be checked with him in advance.  The current account stands at $6,783.00.

Limited Liability / Charitable status

It was noted that Marie-France is no longer practicing law. Jennifer reminded us that this item must be attended to.

Action Item:  Terry agreed to get in touch with Marie-France to see whether she could assist with this process.


13. Fund Raising Report

Greg reported that no further action had been taken in this regard, but that he expected to proceed in the near future.

14. Theatre PEI

Jennifer reported that Shannon is not interested in working together on readings. She has asked that her name be deleted from the Board list.

Whether or not ACT would present a community appreciation award this year was discussed.  Gerry provided a brief history of this award.  It was agreed that the award would not be presented this year.

Action Item: Emily agreed to advise TPEI of this decision.

Action item:  It was agreed that this award would be the responsibility of the Past-President.

Program Ad

    It was agreed that a $100 ad be placed in the Theatre Festival program.

    Set Building Workshop

    The possibility of a set building workshop was deferred.

    Workshop Sponsorship

    Funding for workshops was discussed. 

It was moved by Brenda and seconded by Sophia that ACT grant sponsorships in the amount of 50% of registration fees to a total of $300.00 for any one year.

15. The Beach House

Terry provided an update re improvements. Pursuant from a question asked by the Office Hours team, it was noted that any crews using the facility will be expected to do necessary cleaning (supplies will be kept in the bathroom and garbage bins will be placed outside).

Terry also itemized a number of tasks that still require attention.  These include: screen to be replaced; move of office supplies from BNS (Andrew will assist); logo to be stenciled on office wall; installation of coat hooks; painting touch ups; cleaning of set storage space; installation of costume racks; mirrors installed (three are already on site); electrical plates need replacing.

Action Item:  Volunteers are needed!!!!

16. Props

Brenda reported that they had been organized and placed on the shelves.  Veronica is preparing an electronic list of what we have.

17. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on April 25 at 4:00 pm in The Beach House.

Meeting adjourned.

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