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Board / Executive Minutes Jan 04/04

Minutes of First meeting for 2004 AND First Meeting in The Beach House

Present:  Jennifer Shields (chair), Greg Hughes, Sophia Wong, Terry Pratt, Gerry Gray, Ben Kinder, Andrew Mann, Janet MacDonald, Murielle MacDonald, Brenda Porter (recorder)

Regrets:  Emily Hanlin, Carl Mathis

1.  Additions to Agenda
There were no items to be added.

2.  Approval of Minutes
It was moved by Sophia and seconded by Andrew that minutes of the October 26 meeting be approved.  Motion carried.

3.  Business Arising from the Minutes
ACT logo
Deferred to next meeting due to Carl’s absence.

Publicity Person
Action Item:  Gerry will ask Valerie Moore whether she would fill this role when she returns from UK.

Newsletter Costs
Action Item:  Terry will submit costs of $16 for first issue.
[Secretary’s Addition for upcoming meeting: Gondoliers Videos: Have these been delivered?]

4.  ACT Out Report

Janet reported that 18 had attended the December event (Piece A Cake and the Confed Centre Xmas Show and post-show libations at 42nd Street).  She asked for ideas for January/February.

5. Reading Club Report

Jennifer reported for Shannon that, as there was not sufficient interest, the schedule for this year would be cancelled. (This despite the excellent work done by Shannon in preparing the reading program.) Terry said that he would direct a staged reading of The Weir at 42nd Street on April 27. It was suggested that it be an Act Out event.

Action Item: Terry will speak with Greg (42nd Street) re publicity issues.

6.  Director of Theatre’s Report

Jennifer reported for Emily. American Ghosts realized $192.00 profit. An issue that Emily articulated is that there is not enough opportunity for teenagers to be involved in theatre and that ACT should publicize auditions in the high schools.  Josh Weale is interested in directing. Emily is unable to direct a show for February. The possibility of a fundraiser event was ruled out, due to lack of lead time. After some discussion it was agreed that the February event should be a party to inaugurate the new building. 

Action Item: Terry, Gerry, Murielle, and Ben will form a committee to begin planning the party.

The spring Office Hours production still requires a producer. Interest was expressed in the dates/theatre booking, etc.

Action Item: Ben and Monique will forward what information is known to date.

7. Theatre Festival

Emily is ACT’s rep on the board. There was discussion about ACT’s entries for this year.  Terry will do Your Obedient Servant and will require a props person.  Jennifer agreed to be the director (on certain conditions). It was agreed that ACT could have two entries in this year’s festival.

Action item: Brenda agreed to assist Monique in completing the Office Hours application by the January 9 deadline.

8. J.C. Superstar

Gerry confirmed that the dates are the first week of November and that tentative approval has been received from the Centre. He has yet to get rights from Rodgers and Hammerstein, but will try to do this anon so that contract with CC of A can be finalized and the production included in the Centre’s publicity. Three performances are being planned. A tentative budget will be presented at the next meeting.

9. Murder in the Cathedral

Terry indicated that a budget would be presented at the March meeting and that a production team is being assembled.  Persons are still required for publicity, program layout, and props. Antigonish Players have been very helpful (DVD) and may have costumes. It was noted that auditions for Office Hours, Murder in the Cathedral, and J.C.S. will need to be coordinated. Murder auditions may be near Easter. Thursday evenings in the summer will be required for rehearsals for Murder, but all other rehearsal slots are open for negotiation.

Action Item: A meeting will be convened soon re coordinating upcoming productions.

10. Amahl and the Night Visitors

The production planned by Terry and Carl for Beaconsfield between Christmas and New Year was discussed. Brenda expressed some concerns about the proposed production (esp. regarding lack of women’s roles and heavy demand on production team resources in next 12 months). Gerry noted that ACT had lost money previously with this time slot. Terry explained that women’s chorus in Murder would play a significant role and that production team tasks for Amahl would not be onerous.

It was moved by Andrew and seconded by Sophia that Amahl be given tentative approval. Motion carried unanimously.

11. Membership Report

Sophia reported a total of 32 members.  It was noted that 3 members of American Ghosts had not joined. Andrew/Sophia will be on hand at first rehearsals of upcoming productions to ensure that dues are collected promptly.

12. Treasurer’s Report

Andrew presented current financial statement (to be forwarded).

Progress on non-profit status is pending limited liability.  It was reported that Marie-France had been contacted by Emily and that she had agreed to look at the paperwork involved. Brenda noted that this issue was earmarked as a priority for this year by last year’s executive.

Action Item: A report on this will be made at the next meeting.

A cheque was issued in the amount of $1566.93 to Indian River Festival Chorus.  This is the final amount owed re Trial By Jury proceeds.

13. Theatre PEI

ACT will sponsor the New Voices award. Plans for the January 6 forum (hosted by ACT) were finalized.

14. ACT Building (The Beach House)

Enthusiastic noises re the new building (which indeed was the location of the meeting) filled the air!!!! Terry indicated that it was time to get props and such moved in and that a cleaning committee was required. The yearly rental fee for ACT will be $7.00.  Others in the theatre community might rent the facility from time to time. ACT’s mailing address will be changed to 11 Beach Street.


15. ACT Newsletter

Terry advised that a 2nd edition will be forthcoming in April. Kudos were extended for the 1st edition.

16. Web Site

Gerry will change the passwords for board members. He continues to work on the calendar. His extensive efforts in overhauling the web site were noted.

17. Lend Me a Tenor

Brenda announced initial plans for the play by Ken Ludwig to be presented late February/early March, 2005. She will check for conflicts and move to acquire rights and theatre booking. Tentative approval was given for her to proceed.

18. French Liaison

Murielle will provide information about the French program.

19. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on February 8 at 4:00 pm in The Beach House.

Meeting adjourned.

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