Monday, May 03, 2004

Board / Executive Minutes Apr 25/04


Present:  Jennifer Shields (chair), Emily Hanlin, Greg Hughes, Carl Mathis, Sophia Wong, Terry Pratt, Gerry Gray, Andrew Mann, Brenda Porter (recorder)

Regrets:  Janet MacDonald

1.  Additions to Agenda
There were no items to be added.

2.  Approval of Minutes
It was moved by Andrew and seconded by Sophia that minutes of the March 7 meeting be approved.  Motion carried.

3.  Business Arising from the Minutes
Gondos Videos
Carl reported that copies have been made.
Action Item:  Carl will contact folks re delivery of videos.
Theatre Festival
Terry asked whether there were any dollars from TPEI to help defray costs for participants.  Emily said that she thought that there might well not be any finds for this.

4.  ACT Out / ACT Away
Report deferred.  Jennifer noted that Nova Scotia G & S is doing Gondoliers May 13 – 15 and that folks might like to attend.
Action Item: Gerry agreed to put this info on the web.

5. Office Hours Report
Brenda presented the budget that shows anticipated expenses of $6244.50 and there was discussion of various budget items.
It was moved by Brenda and seconded by Andrew that the budget be approved.  Motion carried.
Terry volunteered to assist with refreshments.

6. Murder in the Cathedral Report

Jennifer and Terry reported that successful auditions have been held and that the first production meeting and read through is scheduled for April 27.

7. J.C. Superstar Report

Emily reported hearing evidence of further enthusiasm for the upcoming production.

8. PEI Symphony Cameo

It was agreed that the donated cameo role could be for the Superstar production.  It will be “up for grabs” at the June 19 banquet.

9. Annual General Meeting

The meeting will be held at Sophia’s home on Monday, June 28, beginning at 6:00pm for a 7:00pm meeting.

Action Items:  Gerry will do a related talk mail that Jennifer will initiate and Terry will include this info in the newsletter.

Various possible constitutional changes to be voted on at the AGM were discussed (having all elected and appointed members vote, increasing time in office to 2 years (half of the members being up for reelection in any one year). 

Action Item: Constitutional issues will be studied at the next meeting.

10.  Nominating Committee

Emily agreed to chair this committee and will speak with Rob Thomson and one other about assisting her.

Action Item:  Executive members should notify Emily on or before June 1 if they will not be continuing next year. 

11.  Membership Report

    Sophia reported 9 new members for a total of 42.

12. Treasurer’s Report

With two outstanding bills, Andrew reported assets of $5,854.87 and a total of $7,777.41 spent to date this year.

Limited Liability / Charitable status

This is still in process.  Jennifer stressed that we need to get it done.

Action Item:  Andrew will prepare the application.  Terry will get it signed and it can then go forward.


13. Fund Raising Report

Greg reported that he had solicited a $1000 sponsorship for Jesus Christ Superstar (thus ensuring a third performance).  He will be drawing up a flyer for the next four shows that he will circulate to executive members for suggestions prior to publication.

14. The Beach House

Terry provided an update re impending “motivation” for various improvements and will report at next meeting re progress. It was reiterated that folks using the facility must put out garbage and clean the “facilities”.  It was agreed that rules for use should be posted.

Re security of mail, Andrew checks the Beach House mailbox and Jennifer checks the PO Box.

The possibility of arranging for snow clearance will be discussed at the September meeting.

Action Items:  Gerry will provide a stylish toilet paper dispenser.  Terry will include information re use of the Beach House in the upcoming newsletter.

15. Newsletter

Terry will produce a May edition.  He requested information re Office Hours and JC Superstar for inclusion in same.

16. Director of Theatre Report

Emily announced details of the May 15 Theatre PEI fundraiser, a showing of Grease. She also noted the May 30 concert at the Beaconsfield Carriage House to be given by herself and Jackie Sorenson in support of the gardens project at Beaconsfield.  There was some discussion re a new stage for the Carriage House.

17. Morell Coop Project

Gerry announced that a student would partner with Rob and Office Hours.

The next meeting will be held on April 25 at 4:00 pm in The Beach House.

18.  Next Meeting:  May 30, 4 – 6 pm.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting with Representative of Theatre PEI

A brief meeting was then held with Dawn Binkley of Theatre PEI for the purpose of discussing possible areas for cooperation / collaboration. 

• It was agreed that ACT producers would advise Dawn of production schedules and that she would include same on the web site. 

• There was some discussion re a possible set design / set building workshop to be held in October / November.  Dawn will pursue this further with Garnie. 

• Terry noted that the Beach House might also be used for other workshops, such as a scenic painting workshop.

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