Friday, October 15, 2004

Become “Prop"erly acquainted with another valuable member of the JCS team!


Raised in Regina, Janet moved around quite a bit over the years until making Prince Edward Island her home in 1976. A retired social worker, she loves singing in choirs, and has been a member of the chorus for five Gilbert and Sullivan productions. You also may have seen Janet when she appeared as a ?Woman of Canterbury? in ?Murder in the Cathedral? this past summer. 


In her spare time Janet enjoys crafts, reading, and gardening. And from time to time you may even spot her taking her dog Murdoch for a walk near her home in West Royalty.

Having helped with props on a number of productions in the past, Janet was happy to get involved in that role again in “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

When asked how she’ll look back on her participation in the production Janet chuckles, “Well, I hope my props will be presentable!” Then adds thoughtfully, “And I hope my contribution will be helpful.”

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Posted by ACT One Editor on 10/15 at 04:22 PM
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