Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Beach House Gets a Coat of Paint

ACT’s new warehouse gets a fresh coat of paint and looks forward to future activities.

There was a lot of activity this past Saturday down at ACT’s new warehouse. Our new facility, already being referred to as ‘The Beach House’, was given a fresh coat of paint. Most of the superfluous benches and counters had already been removed and moved into the back room over the last few weeks. Same with most of the electric outlet plates. Only the office and washroom still had lighting fixtures, mirrors, cabinets and outlets needing to be removed. Ben took care of these easily on Saturday morning before he left.

The day was really well organized. Murielle had put a lot of thought into this organization and had a plan of action ready. As each of us walked through the door, she assigned us a task and struck it off her list. That way things that needed to be done first, were done first. Kudos to Murielle!!!

That doesn’t mean that the day went off without hitch. ooooahhh, that would have been boring!! Rumour has it that Rob and Gerry managed to get more paint on the floor than on the wall when they started painting the washroom and Kitchen. Not to worry, they just dipped their brush on the floor!! Thank goodness the floor is concrete and needs to be painted, even before those two took up painting.

Rob should be nominated for presenting the most interesting special effect. He somehow managed to paint a part of the washroom wall that slowly, intriguingly, slipped down and eventually ended up a funny puddle on the floor. Now you see it. Now you don’t!!

Cyril and Murielle discovered to their chagrin there was no way the main walls were going to take a coat of paint. Cyril hightailed it off to the hardware store for lots of primer. He also picked up a box of screws as a present for Ben. Ben had discovered that each item screwed into the walls had managed to use every different type of screw there exists. Ben, or whoever else puts everything back up, will appreciate not having to do the ‘Screw and Change Two-Step’.

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