Saturday, November 01, 1997

Back to Where You Belong

Review from the Buzz

Although I wish theatre companies would leave the stuck-in-80’s works of Larry Shue alone, ACT presented a lively staging of Shue’s The Nerd.

Ben Kinder, the straight man, Sara Fraser, the girlfriend, and Dave Sherren, the best friend (and in this case, also the director) are joined on stage by John Conway, Nancy McLure, and Tyler Gallant-Hatcher who’ve been invited to celebrate Kinder’s birthday and await the arrival of the nerd.

He finally arrives in the guise of Ed Rashed. The other actors are then faced with the task, which they pull off, of supporting Rashed’s larger than life nebbish. Rashed, along with co-star McLure, has developed a talent for comedy after several years of performing in Annekenstein. Here, Rashed provides an energy to which the others respond effectively.

The Nerd is farce, relying on confusion and timing. Although Rashed had saved Kinder’s life in Viet Nam, the two have never met - don’t ask. Several lies are told in service of the gap-toothed demon known as comedy, and the misinformation forces all the characters to act eccentric, all but McLure’s character who truly is eccentric.

Now let’s all be glad that the cast was up to the challenge, and we’ll leave Larry Shue where he belongs - in the era of Reagan, tough love and Duran Duran.

- Anonymous Buzz Reviewer

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