Sunday, January 16, 2005

Arts Guild Renovations Questionnaire and News

Renovations are set to begin!

As many of you are already aware, the Board of Ars Longa Inc. has very recently been able to confirm a major capital improvement funding commitment from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).  With ACOA in place, coupled with existing funding commitments from Canada Heritage, the Ars Longa Board is now in a position to proceed with plans to improve the Arts Guild building.

A Construction Committee has been struck with me (Darrin White), Steven Dowling, Michael Murphy, Doug MacArthur, and Gerald Beaulieu acting as overseers and advisors for the project.  We are also happy to announce that Ian MacLeod has agreed to assume the critical role of project manager.  Ian is very excited to be involved.  He brings almost 30 years of experience operating his own construction business, manages a number of commercial buildings in Charlottetown and surrounding areas, and is familiar with all the trades.  Scheduling and coordination of construction/renovation timelines will likely be very condensed, and we are glad to have in place a strong and trustworthy project manager to shepherd us through the process.

The Ars Longa Board has worked extremely hard on behalf of tenants, arts patrons, and the community at large in order to secure necessary funding commitments and key personnel for improvements to the Arts Guild building.  As Chair of the PEI Arts Council, I would like to personally thank the Ars Longa Board for their efforts thus far.  Now the real work begins - and we need your help. 

The Construction Committee recognizes that success is not defined simply as being “on time and under budget.” To be sure, working within budgetary and time constraints is vitally important for the success of this project. Nevertheless, our expressed goal is also to understand and meet the needs of those who use and enjoy the Arts Guild building on a regular business.  As a first step to understanding and meeting your needs, I ask that you please take the time to consider and answer the “Planning/Design Questionnaire” attached at the end of this email.  You can respond simply by typing in your responses in the spaces provided and returning this email.  As mentioned, timelines for completing the planning phase and proceeding with construction/renovations are compressed.  Quite simply, the government requires, as a condition for funding, that construction/renovations be commenced very quickly.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider the attached questionnaire.  Once we have received your responses, they will be organized, summarized, and compiled for your review.  We will also update and include you as the planning phase progresses.

We anticipate that major construction and renovations will proceed at the Arts Guild beginning in early February of the New Year, and will continue through to mid/late spring.

The anticipated construction/renovations will obviously create some inconvenience to users of the facility.  Children’s Art classes will be interrupted until major construction is completed, as will most bookings for performance space and gallery display.  Most tenants will be able to continue their present occupancy throughout the construction/renovation period, but will likely experience some unavoidable inconveniences during that time.  Please accept mine and the Ars Longs Board’s apologies for any temporary inconvenience the construction / renovations may cause. 

Thank you and happy New Year.

Yours very truly,

Darrin White

Executive Director

Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts

115 Richmond Street

Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K7

902-368-6176 Direct Line

902-368-4410 Ferne Taylor, Executive Administrator

902-368-4418 Facsimile

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Planning/Design Questionnaire

Please cut and paste and e-mail DIRECTLY TO Darrin White: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

1.    If you could make only three improvements to the Arts Guild building, what would they be (in order of importance)?

2.    Of all possible improvements you could envision at Arts Guild building, what is the least important to you?

3.    If you could retain only three existing aspects of the Arts Guild building, what would they be (in order of importance)?

4.    Considered strictly from each of the following perspectives, what do you think are the two most important infrastructure / design consideration for Arts Guild building (in order of importance)?

(a)      Tenant -

(b)      Performer -

(c)      Producer -

(d)      Presenter/Curator -

(e)      Instructor -

(f)      Consumer -

5.    Given an opportunity, post-renovations, to promote the value of the Arts Guild building, what would you want to be able to say?

Please cut and paste and e-mail DIRECTLY TO Darrin White: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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