Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Another ‘Angry Women’ profile

Justeann Hansen is Juror #2

  Justeann Hansen is a seasoned performer.  She got into ballet when she was 4, and started theatre lessons at age 6.  That had her taking part in some plays and musicals, and got her into community theatre productions (like Peter Pan and The Ugly Duckling) when she was about 10.  “I just love it,” she says, “and that love brought me to the School of Performing Arts at Holland College.”  After graduating there, she got her nursing degree at UPEI, and is now about to write her licensing exam.

  Nursing studies didn’t stop her from being involved in theatre and the arts here on the Island.  “I audition for most everything,” she admits, “for the Fringe Festival, Summerside’s Harbourfront Players, and ACT”.  She has been in shows at the Confederation Centre, and had a very interesting role in ACT’s production of Little Shop of Horrors — besides singing, she operated the man-eating puppet!

  Justeann thought auditioning for 12 Angry Women “would be fun.”  Well, maybe the excitement of auditioning … but the play itself and Justeann’s role in it are hardly what you’d call ‘fun’.  She is Juror #2.  This is a quiet, somewhat naive and insecure character who has been thrown into the task of deciding on a man’s life or death.  As impressionable Juror #2 leans one way, then another, Justeann imagines the audience’s feelings, and wonders: “Maybe they’ll be able to figure it out before the jury does!”

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