Wednesday, October 20, 2004

ACT’s Superstars - Our Volunteers

Recently someone asked me how many people were being paid in this production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I suddenly realized that many people may be unaware of how much people have volunteered.

Are you aware that almost everyone involved with ACT’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar has volunteered their time, experience and talent? This includes all performers, musicians (including rehearsal pianist), stage and music directors, stage-managers, producers, publicists, sewers, builders, painters… The few professionals who do receive honorarium have been asked to join our production because we do not have appropriate volunteers within our membership community to do their job. But let’s not forget they are volunteers as well. What they receive in honorarium does not come close to compensate them for all the professional hours, experience and talents they bring to our show. We couldn’t pay their professional bill!

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