Monday, November 03, 2003

ACT May Have Building and Storage Space

The owner of the Beach Street warehouse has come down in his asking price, so I am going to buy it—IF I can get permission from the city to use it for our purposes, which, of course, are not residential ones on a residential street.  This permission is likely to be granted, since the property has not been used as a residence for the last 30 years, and the building itself could not possibly be converted into a residence. 

The process takes about a month, and begins with a full disclosure on my part of what we would use the property for.  To that end, I ask you to brainstorm, and send me all possible things you think we might do in that building (well, all possible THEATRE things).  I intend to be completely up front about it all, and thus, when permission is granted, the guns of the unpleasant neighbour (who, I think, will come round in any case, when he gets to know us, and also sees that I will ‘pretty-up’ the building to make it fit more innocuously into its surroundings) will be spiked.  So please, send me your thoughts.  Especially, what are the things that we might do there that would make NOISE?

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Posted by EH_Support on 11/03 at 09:11 AM
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