Wednesday, March 10, 2004

ACT Board Meeting

a reminder of our postponed meeting

a reminder of our postponed meeting

- 4:30 at the Beach House on Sunday March 14
- it needs to be 4:30 not 4 as Office Hours are holding auditions there that day, too.

March 14, 2004

For the agenda, click ‘More…’


1. Additions to the Agenda

2. Approval of the Minutes-February 6/04

3. Business Arising

a. ACT Logo and Copy for Ads-Jennifer and Carl

b. Gondoliers’ Videos refunds-Carl

c. Tales of Wonder-Jennifer

4. ACT Out/ACT Away-Janet and Ben

5. Office Hours-Monique/Ben

6. Your Obedient Servant - Terry

7. Murder In the Cathedral - Terry and Carl


8. Jesus Christ Superstar - Gerry and Brenda

9. Membership Report-Sophia

10 Treasurer’s Report- Andrew

a. outstanding bills

b. non-production budget

c. Limited liability/charitable status

11. Fund-Raising Report-Greg

12. TPEI items

a. Possible combination of ACT / TPEI readings-Jennifer

b. TPEI Theatre Festival

-our submissions

-ACT sponsoring a Community award-like the award for Buzz Editor

-ad in the Theatre Festival program-March 15 ad deadline-$400/full page

c. possibility of set-building/set design workshop-Beach Street location

d. sponsorship of ACT members in TPEI workshops

13. Beach House-progress with renovations

14. Report on Props-Brenda

15. Date of the Next Meeting

Hope to see you all there.

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