Tuesday, February 05, 2019

A very angry woman

Laura Stapleton - Juror #3

  Laura Stapleton got her early theatre experience on another island — Cape Breton.  She saw her mother acting with, and wearing most other hats for, The Mira Players … and after a few years she joined the group herself.  Here on PEI — largely by way of a romantic connection!* — she got involved with ACT, and has been in such productions as Our Town and Little Shop of Horrors.
* Ah yes, the romantic connection: it’s her theatre-loving and ever-supportive husband Greg.  They (and their 3 dogs) live in Cornwall.

  It’s going to be fascinating to watch a really nice person (who Laura certainly is) fashion herself into the most negative, antagonistic character in this play, the angriest of the 12 angry women.  We get glimpses of how Juror #3’s life has embittered her, why she has determined that this is an “open and shut” case, and why she is so irritated by her fellow jurors and the world.

  “This play, and indeed this particular role, have captivated me,” Laura says, explaining that she was introduced to 12 Angry Men by her grade 10 English teacher.  “I hope that the audience will come away with an understanding of the harm that comes when we allow our personal and societal biases to overtake rational thinking.”

  A footnote … Juror #3 spends the entire play crocheting.  We wonder: will Laura have to learn how to wield a crochet needle?!

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