Saturday, June 08, 2019

A fine performance space

The Mount’s chapel as a venue

  This is a sort of advertisement meant for performance groups — choirs, instrumentalists, theatre people and such.  We’re passing it on for The Mount, the Continuing Care Community on Mount Edward Road in Charlottetown.
  The Mount has a lovely chapel which has been the site for quite a few choral concerts, theatre productions, recitals, and school band gigs.  They’d like to host more … partly because it’s good to offer the facility’s residents a variety of entertainment, but also because the chapel is just such a fine performance space which should be used to serve the wider community.
  The chapel has amazing acoustics.  It seats 200 or more, and there’s plenty of parking.  The Mount can boost advertising with its Facebook connections and on-the-street sign.
  Good financial news: there’s no fixed rental fee … The Mount would just like a percentage share of the admission revenue.
  You can get in touch with Charmaine MacGregor, the Activities Coordinator, to have a look at the space and talk over the possibilities:   (902) 370-5702

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