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12 Angry Women - Actor profile

Not-so-angry Juror #6

  Jennifer Shields has a long-and-strong connection with theatre, particularly with ACT.  There have been acting and singing roles, but most of her contribution has been off-stage — as producer, for instance, and on the Board of Directors.  And then there’s being married to the Director, Terry Pratt!  As she says, “I’ve lived with many a play, most recently with Terry’s Dr. Johnson solo show.  I’ve lent much of our household to furnish the stage — all kinds of props, our dining-room table, even my favourite arm chair.”

  Jennifer is now trying to ‘get into’ her Angry Woman role as Juror #6 who,  she thinks, is perhaps less angry than the others.  She imagines herself as a typical lower-middle-class housewife.  She wants a quick verdict, the trial done, so she can be home with her children, especially the one with mumps.  She’s inclined to be swayed by the crowd’s view.  But she does believe in fairness and doing her duty as a juror, and she’s appalled at the antics of some of her fellow jurors.

  Jennifer herself is a retired specialist teacher, who loves choral singing, painting and gardening, and is strongly involved in a number of social-action causes.  The themes of justice and other principles in 12 Angry Women — as well as the opportunity to be involved with Terry in a joint activity — prompted her to audition.

  She thinks audiences will be engaged by the passionate interplay among the jurors, and will be challenged by the portrayal of stereotypes from the 1950’s — which, as Jennifer observes, “are still alive and flourishing in some places today.”

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