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Friday, March 22, 2019

Angry Woman #4

Juror #4 is Barbara Rhodenhizer

  “This is exciting … and maybe a bit terrifying,” says Barbara Rhodenhizer, as she thinks about playing in-the-round at four different venues.  “A dozen characters all on stage for the entire play, with literally no place to hide — exposed to your audience from every angle.  You can’t let your character wander, even for a second.”

  Barbara’s character, Juror #4, is an intelligent, confident, no-nonsense realist who is often frustrated by the more malleable and less decisive  jurors.  Memories and interpretations of what was heard in the trial zig-zag back and forth.  “How the jurors form and then modify their views should give us all pause about our personal assessments of ‘the facts’ in our own lives.  This play prods us to look beyond the superficial and the easy answer.”

  Barbara’s theatre passion dates back (centuries!) to her early teens and the Charlottetown Festival’s Circus Tent Theatre for Children.  She was a founding member of ACT, and she has appeared in more than a dozen of our productions over the 24 years.  Some favourites: Wit, Doubt, Noises Off, School for Scandal, Blue Castle, The Dining Room, Coward In Two Keys, and both the original and reprise of Our Town.  Behind the curtain she has been properties mistress, costumer, design consultant, set painter, box-office coordinator and Theatre Festival volunteer.  Beyond ACT there have been Confederation Centre Christmas shows — A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, It’s A Wonderful Life, and A Gift To Last.  She performed the one-woman show I Remain,Jane Austen, and last year appeared in Raised on TV2.  She’s also been in some short films.

  Her beyond-the-theatre energies go into needlework, reading, antiquing, thrifting and caring for two cats … and her writer/editor husband Doug Gallant.

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