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Friday, April 12, 2019

A Not-so-Angry Woman

Catherine MacDonald - Juror # 8

  What’s it like to have an open mind when everyone else thinks in black-and-white simplicity?  That’s what Catherine MacDonald’s character faces.  She’s swimming against the stream, and it’s a powerful current in that jury room.  She’s smart; she’s also compassionate and committed to fairness.  “She reminds me of my father,” Catherine says, “with her intelligence and her insistence on justice.”

  Juror #8 is the voice of evidence-based reason.  In a way, she personifies the theme that is so significant in the play, and in our current times — when facts and even truth seem threatened by bias, willful ignorance and the easy answer.

  Catherine has a huge range of experience in portraying fascinating women.  She played Marie Claire/Veronica Franco in the original production of Shameless Hussies.  She has been Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), Titania (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Ursula (Much Ado About Nothing), and Gertrude (Hamlet).  She was also in earlier ACT productions — 1837: The Farmer’s Revolt, The Four-Cornered Couch, and The Lover.  In recent years she’s been involved in Raised on TV 2 and 3.  Now with 12 Angry Women she is excited about “the opportunity to try my hand at a powerful modern drama.”

  Catherine actually started out as a dancer — mostly Highland, but also ballet.  One of her favourite experiences was dancing in Hooray For Hollywood, a community musical at the Confederation Centre directed by Alan Lund, no less. She plays the piano, too, and has been both chorister and accompanist in several choirs.  She has spent most of her professional career teaching English at Charlottetown Rural High School.

  “I do love acting,” she admits, “but really the three best things in my life are Garrett, Ellie, and Brooklyn, my amazing children.”

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