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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A fine success!

PEI Community Theatre Festival 2018

  Saturday afternoon, March 17th at the Carrefour: what a great Community Theatre Festival it was.  It was enjoyed by the biggest audience we’ve ever had.
  Seven amateur groups presented a dandy variety of pieces: an amusing mystery, a gripping drama in French, a belly-laugh spoof of CBC-Compass, young people doing improv theatre games, excerpts of a new PEI musical, a fascinating look at family dynamics around Alzheimer’s, and colourful creations of Mi’kmaq legends.
  You can see the photos by clicking on ‘Gallery’ in the upper-right corner of the screen ... and scrolling down to click on ‘Community Theatre Festival 2018.’
  45 actors made it happen … 45 actors and an audience of about 225 ... and the front-of-house volunteers ... and our sponsors and contributors: Academy of Learning, The Buzz, Bluefield Realty, the dental clinic on Belvedere Ave; Watermark Theatre, Spotlight School of Arts and the Victoria Playhouse;Sobeys, Superstore and Foodland.
  Thanks to all for this fitting observance of World Theatre Day.

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