Monday, January 18, 2016

Talent & Enthusiasm wanted for ACT productions!

A Play is like an Iceberg?  So how does it float?

  What the audience sees on the stage constitutes maybe 10% of a show; 90% of the time and effort are invested in planning, arranging, and rehearsing to get it ready.  And while the actors put a lot into it, it’s largely the production team which makes a theatre piece happen.  That’s hard work, but it’s where much of the creativity and satisfaction happen.
  We’re talking about the troika work of the Director, Producer and Stage Manager ... with the essential help of coordinators of costuming, set, props, publicity, front-of-house and such.
  Those are the people which ACT historically has had some trouble recruiting.  Lots of people want to act, but it has often been a struggle to put together the production team which lets them get on stage.
  So this is a recruitment pitch.
  ACT has at least three major productions coming up in the next year or so.  If they go ahead, they are going to be really interesting: adaptation of a 1940s love-story movie ... a piece with 6 actors playing about 50 roles ... even a musical with a man-eating plant!  At least one of them will be in the wonderful new theatre at Holland College ... and another will probably get staged in posh B&Bs; and a hotel.  It’s going to be a very exciting year.  But to do it we’ll need the off-stage production people.
  Could it be that you have an interest?  How about adding another arrow to your theatrical quiver?  Would you like to learn how a show gets developed and managed?  No one needs to be afraid: we have ‘how-to’ guides in ACT’s Producer’s Handbook; we have ‘old-hands’—including highly experienced directors—who will be working on these shows and providing mentor support; the production people work as a team, using regular meetings to manage things collaboratively.
So ... how ‘bout it—willing to try your hand as a producer, stage manager, coordinator of costuming, set, props, publicity, front-of-house?
Get in touch with the Directors of Theatre:
Rob Thomson - robthomson @ ... 902-628-6778
Kate Martin - eslkatie1 @ ... 902-892-4384

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