Thursday, February 11, 2010


March 27 ... For World Theatre Day, an evening of lively comedy

  “The Play’s the thing!”  Drama is as old as civilization ... and it keeps revitalizing itself in every time period, in every culture.  No wonder UNESCO celebrates it annually with World Theatre Day.
  To join in the observation, PEI has its own Community Theatre Festival.  This year it’s Saturday, March 27th.  The place is the Victoria Playhouse, and the curtain goes up at 7:00 pm.
  It’s an evening of short plays or excerpts presented by some of the Island’s most dynamic amateur theatre groups.  This is a showcase for true community theatre—a time when for-the-fun-of-it actors and back-stage production crew get to perform beyond their usual home audience, to rub shoulders and learn from one another and get constructive feedback.
  ACT (a community theatre) is offering a visit by an experienced director to any group who may want some friendly guidance as they prepare their play.  Then on Festival night a professional theatre adjudicator will provide observations and tips, and the participants will have the opportunity to socialize and discuss their experiences.  Each group will go home with a Community Theatre Festival award.
  The Festival play-bill:
• The Bonshaw Players present “Heir Repair”, written and directed by Rachel Horrocks—An elderly spinster gets entangled in hilarious misunderstandings.
• Sheep for Wheat has a ‘dark comedy’, “The Worker” by Walter Wykes—A young woman fashions a fake child to cope with her loneliness; her husband is furious, and perhaps with good reason—the child’s existence may put him in grave danger.
• The Tignish Drama Club is preparing “Grandpa’s Twin Sister”, a good-old-standby farce.
• The Jubilee Players offer a typical Norm Foster comedy, “Opening Night”—How do you treat a stale marriage? ... by going to the theatre, of course!
  It’s an evening of live—and lively—comedy.
  The public is welcome to join the audience for the fun of the performances and refreshments.  Admission is by donation.
  The Community Theatre Festival—previously a successful project of Theatre PEI—is being mounted this year by an organizing committee of community-theatre enthusiasts with the support of ACT (a community theatre).  The contact for further information is jshields932 @

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Theatre Festival Deadline

Hi folks,
  I’ve just heard from Jennifer Shields, who is chairing the committee that is getting the theatre festival resurrected and rolling for this year.
  She wanted me to let everyone know that the deadline for submissions for the festival has been extended to February 7th.
  If you are interested in entering a show into the festival Jennifer will need the following information by that deadline;

-name of the group
-title of their submission and a few sentences of a description
-approximate running time
-contact email and phone number
-the fee (will be 50$ or less)(I’ll confirm the exact amount for you guys within the week)

You can contact Jennifer by email at

This is going to be a terrific festival, and I’m so looking forward to seeing all of our Island’s wonderful talent.

Richard Haines
ACT President

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