Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walk and Chew Gum?

Singing and Acting Workshop

There’s that old expression about how hard it is to do two things at once – ‘Why, I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time!’ That challenge happens on the stage: when drama and tunes come together in a musical, it means having to use both singing and acting talents in a rather special way.

ACT a community theatre is mounting a workshop for developing that blend of skills. It’s on Saturday morning 20 September, 9:00 till noon, at LM Montgomery school.

The leaders are Leon Cole and Jacqui Good, the dynamos of the Nova Scotia Gilbert and Sullivan society, who will be in town for a special benefit show ( “Cox and Box”) at Beaconsfield. ACT has taken the opportunity to have them – along with co-performers Tony Marshall and Duncan Miller – share their skills and their combined more-than-a-century of quality musical-theatre experience with the PEI stage community.

This is for directors and participants in any kind of musical theatre – school musicals, church pageants and cantatas, community drama and choir groups. It’s appealing to the dozens of people who have just joined the cast of ACT’s coming production of “EVITA”, of course, but this workshop is really for anyone in all kinds of theatrical music presentation. It will hone such practical skills as singing while moving, following the conductor while acting to the audience, keeping in time and tune with a group despite physical distance, clear diction, facial and body expressions to convey the meaning of lyrics, positioning on the stage for best singing effect. It’s an inexpensive lesson – just a $10 fee (no charge for ACT members).

For information and to ‘register’ to take part: robthomson @ or 628-6778

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

“Evita” Preview Evening

ACT (a community theatre) will stage the Andrew Lloyd Webber blockbuster “EVITA” at the Confederation Centre in March 2009. Auditions will be held in the first week of September. To give potential participants a taste of the show, ACT offers a Preview Evening. It’s Wednesday, August 20th, 7 - 9:30, at the St. Peter’s parish hall (corner of Rochford & Fitzroy in Charlottetown). There’ll be excerpts from the recording and the Madonna movie, a video about Eva Peron’s life, information about the show and auditions and a singing-and-acting workshop ... even a Tango demonstration!

Information: robthomson @ or 628-6778

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Annual ACT Gathering

This is for friends / members of ACT (a community theatre) – current, past, would-be interest parties ...

Look ahead to the lovely summer Saturday afternoon/evening (4:00 till ?) on August 16th ...

• You’re playing croquet or lawn darts on the grounds of the magnificent country estate of Monique and Ben.
• You’re chatting with the amiable company as you sip a libation in preparation for a scrumptious potluck dinner.
• You learn the ACT-applications of Facebook communication.
• You hear about the Hallowe’en comedy “Jack the Ripper” and the blockbuster musical “Evita” ... indeed, you watch bits of the Madonna movie, tapping your toes to the pulsing Latin rhythms.
• You are enthralled by Ann Putnam’s staged reading of the intriguing mystery “Trifles”.

... Oh, and you spend 20 minutes fulfilling the requirement of an annual general meeting to recap the past year and confirm that the organization is solvent and pretty well managed – as well as electing the people who will manage it for the coming year.

We need to know how many people will be attending – to be sure we have a quorum and for providing dinnerware, etc. So could you please tell Monique of your plans to join us on August 16th – 651-3131 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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