Sunday, August 29, 2004


It is after midnight, and I have just returned from Indian River, and I want to congratulate ACT on a tremendously successful presentation of this wonderful play. I was gripped from start to finish. Everything was wonderful. Carl, the music was beautiful.

I believe that one of my favourite parts was the Knights little card party. Well done!

Thank-you all for an outstanding theatre experience.

Catherine MacDonald

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Friday, August 27, 2004

Praise for “Murder” team

Today, as I write this message, still relishing the committed efforts of our cast and production team of “Murder in the Cathedral” after our opening night, I’m reminded of a passage from David Mamet’s (an American playwright/director/teacher)book, “True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor,” which articulates the sentiment that has resonated with me ‘lo these past 4+ months rehearsing with the fine members of ACT:

“Cultivate the habit of mutuality.  Create with your peers, and you are building a true theatre.  When you desire and strive to rise from the ranks rather than with the ranks, you are creating divisiveness and loneliness in yourself, in the theatre, and in the world.  All things come in their time.”

Indeed, the ideal to which Mamet refers here is, I’ve discovered, an inherent quality of each of you and, as such, you commit yourselves to strengthening our global community ~ no small feat, for certain.

Thanks to all and I hope to have the opportunity to share future stages with you.  Cheers, everyone.

Rick Sparkes

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Murder Opens to a Full House

ACT’s production of Murder in the Cathedral opened to what amounted to a Full House last eveing (Thursday). It was a tremendous feeling and the performance went well.

Despite the ‘Sold Out’ designation, there were seats to be seen scattered throughout the pews. These were seats being held for Indian River Festival season ticket holders who had decided not to come to that performance but hadn’t called to realease the tickets. The Box Office can release these tickets just before a performance. That means that there were probably people in the audience Thursday evening who were able to pick them up at the door. Keep these ‘rush seats’ in mind if Saturday is the only evening you can come to the performance and don’t have your tickets yet.

Speaking of not having tickets yet, if you are planning to come tonight (Friday), which is not at present ‘sold out’, it might be wise to to book ahead to avoid disappointment. The Indian River Festival Box Office can be reached at 1-866-856-3733.

For more information about Murder in the Cathdral please go to the following page…

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Tempest

ACT members might be interested in coming to see Halifax’s Shakespeare by the Sea in their unrehearsed Tempest—it’s at UPEI on September 6 at 7 (outside if it’s fair, in the Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall if it’s foul).

Shakespeare by the Sea has just finished its 11th season of outdoor Shakespeare, and this is the first time they’ve travelled to PEI.

Admission is by donation, and the funds raised go to support the 2005 season for Shakespeare by the Sea and Play in the Park.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Murder on Location

From Thursday, August 26 through Saturday, August 28, St. Mary�s Church will become the stage for Murder in the Cathedral, the gripping verse drama by T.S. Eliot reenacting the death of Archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral on December 29, 1170.
Murder in the Cathedral graphic
Written for the Canterbury Festival in 1935, Eliot�s play � arguably the most substantial religious drama of the past century � was soon recognized as a classic and moved into commercial theatres; later it even became a film. But it is still best experienced in a church; in this setting it has been performed all over the world, including at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Charlottetown in 1983.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Free Script Readings at Confederation Centre August 26 and 27

Charlottetown - Members of the Charlottetown Festival cast will give public readings of scripts for three musicals in the Confederation Centre’s Studio Theatre on August 26 and 27.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

TheatrePEI’s “Producing: The Business of Theatre” Seminar

Saturday, October 2nd
10 AM - 2 PM

Need a producer for your next production or event?  Ever wanted to produce a play but wasn’t sure how to proceed?  What does a producer do, anyway?

TheatrePEI is offering a short practical seminar that discusses the various responsibilities and duties of the Theatre Producer.  Created for anyone thinking about starting a theatre company or producing a show, the main focus of the seminar will be on the basics of planning, preparation, budgeting and scheduling.

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Long lost ACT member

Hi! I was not sure where else to put this. You guys have done a wonderful job of creating this site and the productions….WOW! I miss you all sooooooo much. Forget me? I was in Pinafore and Blue castle, It’s a Wonderful Life and I think a few more. I’m hoping that this message will get to all who remember and that I’m doing well and earning a university degree in psychology. Now that I have found this site I will keep myself updated with the going’s on which were once a huge part of my life that I love so much. Thank You! Melissa

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

TheatrePEI’s “God, I Hope I Get It” Audition Workshop

This two-day intensive workshop will focus on the worst part of the actor’s experience - auditioning for the job.

This fun, on-your-feet, interactive performance course will examine the practical aspects of auditioning for theatre and camera acting jobs including:

Who are these people? - the audition panel
What do I wear? - dressing for the experience
Who’s in my headshot? - resume and photo considerations
Does Hamlet lisp? - choosing appropriate monologues
How do you pronounce that? - cold read survival
Can I sing Happy Birthday? - Musical auditions for singers and non-singers
How do you do? - Audition conduct and etiquette
Where do I stand? Where do I look? - technique for camera auditions
Can you repeat that? - reacting to advice and direction

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Acting Lab @ TheatrePEI

This acting course is designed for actors to strengthen their craft, starting from whatever stage of development the participant has reached. Through on-your feet practice, we will develop common tools to create truthful acting. These “tools” are:

1) Trusting your instincts
2) Being unwilling to ever say “that will do” (tenacity)
3) Being Brave in performance (abolish fear, take the “big leap”)
4) Exercising lateral thinking (art should be surprising yet inevitable)
5) Appreciating for “ensemble” playing (i.e. exercising generosity, saying “yes” as the primary impulse)
6) Exercising rigorous creative speculation (“what if…”, “I wonder why…”)
7) Rigorous appreciation of the need to constantly reassess the stakes of any set of circumstances (“how close can this situation be to ‘life and death’ and still be true to the text)
8) A connection to breath and voice which is both active and relaxed throughout the actors entire performance

These tools will be developed in on your feet scene study and rehearsal during a six-week course.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

TheatrePEI’s Introduction to Directing Workshop

This six week workshop is for people who are or will be directing in a play.

The principle concept we will be discussing is collaboration.  Once the director can find the words to communicate what s/he wants in language that stimulates designers, actors, stage managers and producers, the idea directs the thoughts and dreams of everyone involved.  Everyone has a talent - it is a matter of finding it and releasing it. This search and release is the job of the director.  This workshop will lead you to find the words to express your ideas and activate the talents and energies of the many collaborators in the community required to create a successful play.  Starting with how we choose a play, through casting, design and acting rehearsals, this workshop covers each of the collaboration a director must undertake in the rehearsal process.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


In response to a number of requests from our corporate friends, here is a suggestion of how your business can help ACT produce the best of possible shows in your community. These amounts can represent any numnber of ‘cash’ and / or ‘in-kind’ variables.

Of course, these are only examples, and make no reference to all the wonderful smaller ‘cash’ and ‘in-kind’ contributions we have received over the years from our local business and members. Our thanks to you all!!!!


<li>Performance ($1,000)

  <li>Name / Logo on program cover </li>
  <li>A line of appreciation on the production-credits page in program </li>
  <li>1/4 page ad in the program</li>
  <li>Pre-curtain announcement of appreciation from stage at the agreed-on performance</li>
  <li>6 Complimentary tickets for opening night</li>

<li>Run ($2,000)
  <li>Name / Logo on program cover </li>
  <li>Name / Logo on poster distributed throughout Charlottetown and selected locales</li>
  <li>Name / Logo on all published ads </li>
  <li>1/2 page ad in the program</li>
  <li>Pre-curtain announcement of appreciation from stage at each performance</li>
  <li>20 Complimentary tickets for opening night</li>

<li>Season (5,000)

  <li>As above, but for all shows and publicity for the season</li>


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