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Sunday, April 14, 2019

12 Angry Women - a family affair

Marla Haines - Juror #7

  Marla Haines has been involved in theatre since she played Little Red Riding Hood in kindergarten.  She is an actress, writer, director, producer, and most recently she has ventured into film-making.  She has been involved with ACT for over ten years, five of those on the ACT board.  Before that she was a member of the Harbourfront Players.  Her most recent shows include Raised on TV, The Laramie Project, and Our Town.  She jumped at the chance to be a part of the dynamic group of 12 Angry Women.

  There’s an interesting extra factor: Marla’s husband Richard is the Producer of this play.  Indeed, theatre is a Haines family affair: on top of all Richard’s work in several circles, daughter Gillian is now studying in Vancouver to be a professional Stage Manager.  “It was a thrill to act with both of them in Our Town a few years ago,” Marla says.  “Richard and I love working together and we have been cast as husband and wife a couple of times, which a real stretch for us!” Marla jokes.

  Marla will be playing Juror #7.  “This character is a nasty piece of work,” Marla says.  She’s loud, pushy, self-absorbed, and believes she’s a “real” American.  Marla has created a back-story for her character.  She imagines her local New York City birth in humble circumstances … marrying an entrepreneur and perhaps running the business as he went off to fight in the Second World War.  With sale skills and drive, she kept their business going and made it thrive.  Now in the jury room, she is a hard-headed, single-minded force, interested only in getting out of the jury job as fast as she can, so she can get back to her busy life.

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