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Friday, July 29, 2016

Wanted: advertising salesperson

Do you love the challenge of selling?

Are you a salesperson?
We have a really good product to market ...
It’s advertising in the theatre programme for Little Shop of Horrors ... and possibly a few special sponsorships.

What we’re after is a member of the production team who can recruit about $1000 worth of advertisers or sponsors over the coming two months.  That would mean, for example, getting 10 ads at $100, or maybe a combination of 6 or 8 ads + a couple of $250 sponsorships.

  We have good things to offer in return—a classy theatre programme that reaches 1500 people, mention in our publicity, complimentary ticket and such.  We will provide a recruitment brochure which outlines the show in an appealing way, ad sizes & prices, and enticements.

  Interested in the challenge?  Get in touch with the show’s producer, Rob Thomson, at 902-628-6778, robthomson @

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Saturday, June 18, 2016


Auditions indicate a really strong cast

Fantastic auditions last weekend—very strong people, for all parts ... a lot of talent and great enthusiasm. We have a session this Saturday (18th), mainly for a dance exercise for some auditioners. A few more people will audition on June 28th, and then the casting will get confirmed. We’ll be notifying everyone in the few days after June 29th. This show is going to be so good, and so much fun!

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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Little Shop of Horrors - Auditions

June 10, 11, 12 - for casting in the October show

Join Audrey II, the magnificently horrible plant which grows into a two-metre man-eater!
9 major roles and 15 other parts in a really fun comic musical.
10-minute audition: read a bit from the script + sing a prepared song (without accompaniment).
Appointments have been going fast ... but there are still some time-slots available.
For information and to book an audition: 902-628-6778 or robthomson @

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tech Director wanted

Clyde River Pageant looking for a TD
  The job will not require really extensive tech experience (no really complicated Lx or sound) but good people skills (there will be lots of non-professional artists and volunteers involved) and an ability to improvise and problem solve, and even some set-building experience, would all be useful.
We have budgeted a fee of $1000. There will be some work to be done part-time in early July, and then the schedule will be more full time in the 2 weeks leading up to the performances in New Glasgow on July 30 and 31. Having a car would be important.  See Description below ...

River Clyde Pageant TD Job Description

The River Clyde Pageant will be a moving, processional event, starting at the Little Victory Microfarm, on the East/South bank of the river in New Glasgow, and then moving, with the audience accompanying the performers on foot, through various scenes along the riverbank toward the New Glasgow bridge, and then over the bridge and onto the lawn below the Mill Restaurant on the West/North bank, where there will be a final scene followed by a community supper. The Pageant will take place in the early evening, timed to end before sunset, so lighting needs will be minimal for the performance itself, but some lighting will be required for the outdoor community supper, which will likely extend past sunset.

Some of the scenes will involve music that will require amplification, and we also plan to have some live music during the community supper.

The various scenes of the pageant will be conceived to take advantage of, and fit into the riverbank setting, so no major set pieces or scenery will be required, but there may be some building required. We have at least one carpenter volunteer (he is also co-owner of the Little Victory Microfarm) with an onsite shop who is keen to help with any building that’s required.

The TD job will involve coordinating the technical set-up for the above events. This will involve some degree of design and conception in consultation with Megan and I as project directors – so figuring out where to source/borrow/rent any sound or light equipment we need - as well as coordinating the set-up of that equipment. We have a technical budget for the Pageant, for materials and equipment rental, and part of the TD job will also be figuring out how we work within that budget.

Because we anticipate accommodating an on-foot audience of up to 150 people, part of the TD job will also be figuring out audience flow, audience parking, and traffic control in the period when we cross the New Glasgow bridge.

We will begin Pageant rehearsals and workshops in mid-June, training stilt-walkers, building puppets, and rehearsing a Pageant choir. These workshops will continue throughout July, with rehearsals becoming more intensive in the 2 weeks before the actual Pageant performances on July 30 and 31. In the first month of rehearsals, from mid-June to mid-July the TD job will be part time, involving planning and production meetings, sourcing equipment, and anticipating other technical needs. In the 2 weeks prior to performance, July 16-31, the TD job will become more fulltime, coordinating any onsite building, equipment pick-ups and installations, working with the directors and the Pageant stage manager to coordinate smooth interaction between the performers and volunteers and the technical aspects of the production.

The final part of the job will be coordinating the strike and equipment return at the end of the project.

This is the first time we will have created the Pageant, so in addition to planning and foresight, it will inevitably involve a considerable degree of improvisation and adaptation on our feet. We will be working with a large number of people, both professional and amateur, and of all ages, many of them working outside their usual areas of experience and expertise, but all of them contributing time and energy to a project which must, above all, be a good experience for everyone. So it will require patience and generosity from all of us.

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Monday, May 16, 2016


Auditions for LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS - June 10/11/12

  The real star of the show is already cast ... but only partly.  It’s Audrey II, the plant with attitude and appetite—who grows from wilted seedling to voracious two-metre monster on a diet of oh-so-rare flesh washed down with full-bodied red.  The set of plant-puppets is reposing in the Beach Street warehouse of ACT (a community theatre), patiently awaiting appearances in the dark-comic sci-fi musical Little Shop of Horrors.  But Audrey II needs a puppeteer, and also a strong off-stage voice to musically utter her/his/its best line: “Feed Me!”
  Apart from the pair who will make Audrey II work, there are two dozen parts to be cast for the little florist shop and its Skid Row environs.  There’s the human Audrey, for instance, the plant’s namesake—a naive, heart-of-gold blonde in her late twenties or early thirties.  She and Seymour, the nerdy young man who unwittingly raises the monster plant, sing solos and a duet which are quite moving.  Audrey’s early boyfriend, though, is 30- or 40-ish Orin, an outlandishly sadistic dentist; he has two great songs, and his death is a real gas (nitrous-oxide, in fact).  The owner of the little shop is late-middle-aged Mr. Mushnik, who sings and dances a hilarious tango with Seymour.  The mainstays throughout the show are Chiffon, Ronnette and Crystal, a youngish (16-20) version of The Supremes; beyond their high-energy dancing, they provide a sort of Motown Greek-chorus commentary.
  Besides the nine principal roles, Little Shop features a variety of minor characters: media personalities and agents, winos, shoppers and other assorted street people who join in the main musical number and some dance.  Altogether there will be about 25 characters in the show.  They are almost all adults and teens; it is not very likely that young children would be involved.
  A crowd of enthusiasts learned about plans for the musical and got a look at selections from a video at a special ‘Preview Evening’ which ACT hosted in the Holland College theatre-space on May 12th.  Attendees pressed for audition times, but they’ve had to wait for a month.
  Auditions are being held at the Lecture Theatre of Colonel Gray High School on June 10, 11, and 12th: Friday evening, all-day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon.  That involves cold-reading from the script plus singing a prepared song (without accompaniment).  Hopefuls for major parts will also be asked to take part in a dance audition and/or pitch-test the following Saturday afternoon (the 18th).  To make an audition appointment, call 902-628-6778.
  Cast-persons are required to be or to become ACT members, and must formally commit to rehearsals.  Rehearsals begin in mid-August, and shift into higher gear through September and October.  They will involve Sunday afternoons, and at least Monday and Wednesday evenings; occasional other weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons will be added progressively.  However, rehearsals will be specifically targeted to particular scenes, and an actor will only need to attend the ones scheduled for him or her.
  ACT’s production of Little Shop of Horrors is directed by Peter Krauskopf, who staged Colonel Gray’s musicals for many years.  Music direction is by Rowan Fitzgerald and Owen Aylward, and Morgan Wagner is the choreographer.
  There will be five performances of Little Shop of Horrors from October 27th to 30th at the 300-seat Florence Simmons Performance Hall.
  Further information: 902-628-6778, robthomson @

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Little Shop of Horrors - Preview Evening

TONIGHT!  (Thursday 12 May)

to be staged by ACT - Oct 27-30, 2016
Preview/Info Evening

Good fun ... Important Info
Thursday 12 May - 7:00 - 9:00 pm
at the Florence Simmons Hall
Holland College - Weymouth St.

Select readings, music, video scenes +
information about mid-June auditions

Info: 902-628-6778

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Monday, May 02, 2016

ASM Opportunity

Want to work in a Little Shop of Horrors? wink

  Little Shop of Horrors is looking for someone who is enthusiastic about working at or learning about stage management.  There’s an opening for a second Assistant Stage Manager to work with SM Sharon MacDonald and ASM Alex Cairns.  Having a team of three means that the work won’t be too onerous.
  It will mean being involved in rehearsals, which start in mid-August and run through September and October to performance week October 25th to 30th.  For the performances, the two ASMs will each have one side of the stage to work.
  It’s an exciting and fun show ... and if you don’t have stage-management experience but want to learn, this is a fine opportunity.
  For information, get in touch with Sharon MacDonald—sheamacd @ 902-432-2317—or Rob Thomson—robthomson @ 902-628-6778.

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Need a bit of help

Moving some set pieces on Wednesday May 4

A bit of help needed ...
For Little Shop of Horrors, we are going to be moving some set pieces from Colonel Gray to the Beach House.  It’s perhaps an hour or so of work—loading & unloading.
It’s this Wednesday morning, May 4th, from 10:30 am.
Give me a shout if you can pitch in, OK?
robthomson @   902-628-6778

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

PREVIEW EVENING: Little Shop of Horrors

Thinking about auditioning?  Come & get a taste of the show!

Thursday 12 May, 7:00 - 9:00 pm - in the Florence Simmons Hall at Holland College (Weymouth St. in Charlottetown) ... Select readings, music, scenes, plus information about mid-June auditions for ACT’s staging of this famous dark-comic musical in late October.  Information: 902-628-6778; robthomson @
(Note change from previously announced date—it’s <u>not</u> Friday the 13th)

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Little Shop of Horrors - a Recruitment Pitch

Want to get involved with making this great show happen?

  Guess what arrived in Charlottetown on Tuesday morning (April 12th) ... Audrey II, a 2-metre-tall puppet of the man-eating plant which is the star of Little Shop of Horrors, is now reposing in the Beach House, dreaming of performing in five shows at Holland College’s new theatre at the end of October.

  We have the core of a great production team for the show:
Director - Peter Krauskopf     Producers - Rob Thomson & Grace Kimpinski
Music Director - Rowan Fitzgerald     Vocal Director - Owen Aylward
Stage Manager - Sharon MacDonald     Props Coordinator - Ann Greyborn
Choreographer - Morgan Wagner     Costumer - Pam Jewell
Set construction - Peter Krauskopf & Cyril Armstrong

  But there a number of slots which need to be filled.  So we’re looking for people—whether experienced or wanting to learn—who would like to get involved with making this great show happen.  Here are the opportunities:
• Assistant Stage Manager     • Props team
• Front-of-House       • Programme coordination
• Programme advertising sales     • Costume help
• Hair & Make-up

  Interested?  Contact Rob: 902-628-6778,  robthomson @

Below, a Fact Sheet about the show.
<u>Little Shop of Horrors -  Fact Sheet</u>
Produced by ACT (a community theatre)

The show: A love story - with a man-eating plant!
SciFi-horror-comedy/rock musical, by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman
(famed for Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas etc.)
1980s off-Broadway, Broadway, international; 1986 film; 2000s revivals
Best Musical 1983, N.Y.C. Critics Award

When: 5 performances October 27-30: Thur, Fri, Sat eve; matinees Sat & Sun
Where: Holland College’s new Florence Simmons Performance Hall

Music: Rock-n-roll/doo-wop/early Motown
      Small combo - bass, drums, guitar, 2 keyboards

Rehearsals: Starting mid-August - Colonel Gray Lecture theatre
            Sunday afternoons (1:00-4:00) + evenings (6:00-9:00) on Monday (probably choreography), Wednesday (probably vocal) and Thursday—
            targeted specifically to particular characters for particular scenes—i.e. you’ll need to attend only the ones for which you are scheduled.

Cast:  probable total 24 ...
  Audrey II - off-stage singing voice
  Audrey II - operator inside the big puppet
  Seymour - 25-35, nerdy guy, lots of singing, some dancing
  Audrey - 25-35, shallow-seeming-but-nice blonde, lots of singing
  Mr. Mushnik - 55-65, worn-down boss, some singing & dancing
  Orin - 30-40, sadistic dentist, some singing
  Chiffon }
  Ronnette } 16-20, lots of ‘girl-group’ singing & dancing
  Crystal }
  Minor/brief appearance: Interviewer, Bernstein, Mrs. Luce, Skip Snip
  Assorted street people: winos, et al - chorus, some choreography bits

Auditions:  June 10, 11, 12 (Fri eve, Sat morn & aft, Sun aft) @ Colonel Gray
        Cold-read from script + prepared song (unaccompanied) + dance (principals)

Requirements: Cast-persons must be or become ACT members ($25/15),
            and must formally commit to rehearsals, etc.

Information: Rob Thomson - robthomson @ 628-6778
            Peter Krauskopf - pkfamily @ 651-2366

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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Who’s Audrey? you’re thinking.  And is she emotionally moving?

  Audrey is a set of four puppets, and she’s the star of Little Shop of Horrors which ACT will stage at Hallowe’en time.  Audrey II is actually a man-eating plant who grows during the show, from a seedling to a lively creature who actually devours the leading actors.  Yes, it’s a musical comedy!
  We have acquired the puppets—built by a person who creates props for the Stratford Festival—from a theatre company in Windsor Ontario.  We need to get them to PEI.
So ... do you know of a shipping service which would be economical and reliable, capable of bringing Audrey to the Beach House in the course of the next few weeks?
Please tell Rob Thomson: 902-628-6778, robthomson @

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Sunday, February 07, 2016

2016 Community Theatre Festival Line-up

A Theatrical Smorgasbord at the Carrefour, Saturday 5 March

  A smorgasbord of theatre!  It’s the 2016 Community Theatre Festival—Saturday afternoon, March 5th, at the Carrefour in Charlottetown.  It’s PEI’s way of celebrating World Theatre Day.
  Starting at 1:00 o’clock, short plays (10 to 30 minutes) will run, on average, every three-quarters of an hour: a variety of one-acts or excerpts—quirky drama, cultural heritage, dramatized poetry, a modern fairy tale and plenty of comedy.  There’s a musical and some dance and a francophone play.
  This year’s line-up includes these drama groups and intriguing play titles:
• L’étoile polaire (Ecole François-Buote) - La chasse galerie
• King’s Playhouse - Beanstalk: the musical
• Murray Harbour Drama Club (& Friends) - Life & Death at the Pearly Gates
• Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors - Mi’kmaq Legends
• ACT (a community theatre) - Lord Byron’s Love Letter
• Murphy Community Centre Rag-Tag Players - Dear March
• Tracadie Players - A Day at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles
  What happens when cabin fever plagues a lumber camp?  when an Islander needs a driver’s license?  when kids dance about the month of March?  when Jack the bean-planter wants the family cow back?  when bored ancestors play a game of chance?  when an old lady turns a memory into a money-maker?  when a funeral parlor sits next-door to a nursing home?
  The Theatre Festival is a showcase for true community theatre—a chance for writers, directors and actors to strut their stuff.  Constructive feedback will be given by adjudicators Laura K. Bird and Monique Lafontaine.
  It’s great for the audience, too.  People drop in for a particular play or two, or stay for the whole afternoon.  This is good-fun entertainment ... and it’s a bargain: pay-what-you-will admission to help defray the costs.
  The annual event is backed by ACT (a community theatre) and supported by the helpful sponsorship of community businesses which have a commitment to the arts, including The Buzz, Owls Hollow, and Academy of Learning.  The Watermark Theatre and Victoria Playhouse have both donated tickets for a raffle.
  Here’s what Wade Lynch, adjudicator of several Festivals, has said about the experience: “The PEI Community Theatre Festival reminds me of why I went into theatre in the first place ... It is a celebration of life expressed through theatre ... To hear stories told, sung and physicalized in English, French, Mi’kmaq and mime is how we build a stronger, welcoming, tolerant, safe and magical community.”
  The Carrefour’s doors open at 12:30 on Saturday, March 5th; the plays begin at 1:00 and run till about 5:30.  There’ll be a 15-minute break between plays to provide for adjudication and set-up of the next play ... and also to give the audience a chance to socialize, get raffle tickets and sample the refreshments.
For information contact Rob Thomson—, 628-6778.
For photos of previous Festivals, click ‘Gallery” at the top/right, and scroll down to Community Theatre Festival listings

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Talent & Enthusiasm wanted for ACT productions!

A Play is like an Iceberg?  So how does it float?

  What the audience sees on the stage constitutes maybe 10% of a show; 90% of the time and effort are invested in planning, arranging, and rehearsing to get it ready.  And while the actors put a lot into it, it’s largely the production team which makes a theatre piece happen.  That’s hard work, but it’s where much of the creativity and satisfaction happen.
  We’re talking about the troika work of the Director, Producer and Stage Manager ... with the essential help of coordinators of costuming, set, props, publicity, front-of-house and such.
  Those are the people which ACT historically has had some trouble recruiting.  Lots of people want to act, but it has often been a struggle to put together the production team which lets them get on stage.
  So this is a recruitment pitch.
  ACT has at least three major productions coming up in the next year or so.  If they go ahead, they are going to be really interesting: adaptation of a 1940s love-story movie ... a piece with 6 actors playing about 50 roles ... even a musical with a man-eating plant!  At least one of them will be in the wonderful new theatre at Holland College ... and another will probably get staged in posh B&Bs; and a hotel.  It’s going to be a very exciting year.  But to do it we’ll need the off-stage production people.
  Could it be that you have an interest?  How about adding another arrow to your theatrical quiver?  Would you like to learn how a show gets developed and managed?  No one needs to be afraid: we have ‘how-to’ guides in ACT’s Producer’s Handbook; we have ‘old-hands’—including highly experienced directors—who will be working on these shows and providing mentor support; the production people work as a team, using regular meetings to manage things collaboratively.
So ... how ‘bout it—willing to try your hand as a producer, stage manager, coordinator of costuming, set, props, publicity, front-of-house?
Get in touch with the Directors of Theatre:
Rob Thomson - robthomson @ ... 902-628-6778
Kate Martin - eslkatie1 @ ... 902-892-4384

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Friday, October 30, 2015


ACT is planning their 4th production for 2015 - ACT’s 20th anniversary year. The show, titled OF A CERTAIN AGE, will consist of three light hearted one-act plays be held at the Guild on November 13 / 14 (three performances). Directors Ellen Carol, Sharon MacDonald and Nancy McLure bring a wealth of theatre experience to the project.

All three scripts feature a role for a woman ‘of a certain age’. Two of the plays, “The Pretty Trap” and “Lord Byron’s Love Letter”, are written by Tennessee Williams. The third play, “The Prompter”, was written by David Moses for the well-loved local actress Mae Ames. A special feature of the production will be a vocalist / narrator who will set the stage for each play.

OF A CERTAIN AGE will coincide with an exhibition in the Gallery at the Guild of memorabilia - photos, props, costumes, posters, etc. from ACT’s 20 years of involvement with amateur theatre in the community.

The production OF A CERTAIN AGE will take place at the Guild in Charlottetown on November 13 (7:30pm) and November 14 (2:00pm and 7:30pm). Tickets are $20 and will be available at the door, cash only.

For further information, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or telephone 902-892-4384.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kings Playhouse Season

Quite a variety of offerings at Georgetown’s Kings Playhouse

There’s something for everyone this season at the King’s Playhouse ...

Starting with our “Haunting of the King’s Playhouse” on Friday, October 30th. Ghost hunters are invited to join Soul Patrol, Charlottetown’s paranormal investigators as they present their findings from their last investigation at the Playhouse. 
Presentation begins at: 8pm

For those more interested in dressing up and bobbing for apples, our “Haunted Halloween Carnival” on October 31st may be just the thing!  There will be pumpkin carving (with thanks to Nabuurs Gardens Ltd.), cupcake decorating, games and costume prizes. 
The Carnival begins at: 11am

November welcomes us into our days of remembrance and our musical tribute to those who have served or are serving our country.
A Night to Remember” features music, recordings and footage from wartime and is sure to offer a meaningful walk down memory lane.
Thursday, November 12th at 7:30pm
Friday, November 13th (School matinee) at 11am
Friday, November 13th at 7:30pm

On November 21st join us for our first ever “Black Tie Affair” - a gala fundraiser for The King’s Playhouse, Destination Georgetown Peninsula.
The evening features a 5 course meal, live music by local singer-songwriter Barry O’Brien and flamenco guitarist Jay Keating and amazing prizes. 
Tickets are $55 with a portion of the proceeds going to the Syrian Refugee Crisis Fund.
Available at the King’s Playhouse or by contacting any member of the Board of Directors.

Music continues to fill our halls on November 28th as we welcome Atlantic String Machine as they present their “Bach to Beatles” program.
Showtime is 7:30pm
Tickets are available via email at or by calling 902 394 2579 or at the door. 

Our weekly programming continues with Kindermusik classes at 10am on Mondays.  LIttle ones aged 0-5 are invited to bring their grown ups and join us for music, movement and wonderful learning opportunities.

King’s Playhouse <>

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