Community Theatre Festival 2017 - Tracadie Players - A Trip to the Dentist

Sunday, February 12, 2017

“The Producers”

Workshop about producing a show - March 26

The Producers: Presentations and A Panel Discussion for People Interested in Spear-heading Community Theatre Shows
  When you watch a play, what you are seeing is a very small fraction of what is involved in mounting a show. There are people who manage and organize a team that involves directors, stage managers, costumers, set designers, prop makers and publicity people, to name a few.
These fearless leaders and logistical virtuosos are: The Producers.
  ACT (a community theatre), in partnership with Holland College School of Performing Arts (SOPA), will present a workshop that brings together four ACT producers (who together have produced over 30 plays) to provide information and insight about the challenging yet critical role of producer in community theatre productions.
  The goal of the workshop is to leave participants feeling informed about the role of a producer and perhaps feel inspired to mount their own shows.
Areas that will be touched on include: What is, and who should be, a producer?; Team building and the life of a show; Publicity, budget and ticketing; Considerations for front of house, managing a venue, the audition process, visual aspects of production, and props.
  This workshop will take place March 26th at the Confederation Centre boardroom (just off the Richmond Street entrance) between 1 pm and 5 pm. This workshop is free for ACT members and SOPA students, but there may be a small charge for other participants to help defray costs.
  For more information, email Kimberley Johnston - johnstonk @

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Community Theatre Festival - need some help

Volunteers needed for Front-of-House for Saturday 11 March

ACT needs you! 
To volunteer at the Community Theatre Festival
The Community Theatre Festival is March 11, 2017 at the Carrefour Theatre, from 1pm to 6pm-ish. The snow date is March 12, 2017 at the same location.
We are looking for volunteers to sit at a table and
• give out programs and oversee the donation money
• sell apples, cookies, coffee etc.
• sell raffle tickets
You can do this all afternoon, or just for a shift of an hour or so.
It gives you a chance to see a play or two.
If you would like to volunteer for the March 11th show, or the snow date of March 12th (or both!), please email Kimberley Johnston at johnstonk @

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

PEI Community Theatre Festival 2017

March 11 2017 - an afternoon of good entertainment fun

  PEI will mark the 56th celebration of World Theatre Day on the afternoon of Saturday, March 11th, at the Carrefour in Charlottetown.  It’s the annual Community Theatre Festival.
  Six short plays (30 minutes or less) will run every three-quarters of an hour or so throughout the afternoon.  It’s a smorgasbord of comedy both classical and farcical, charming drama, legend-telling and improv.
  PEI is full of theatre.  There are about two dozen local drama groups, and literally hundreds of amateur actors and backstage workers who make plays happen.  It’s an important part of the fabric of the Island’s community life.  And the Community Theatre Festival is a great chance for participants to strut their stuff and get good feedback.  Performers will be given constructive tips by adjudicator Laura K. Bird.
  It’s great for the audience, too.  People drop in for a particular play or two, or stay for the whole afternoon.  It’s good-fun entertainment ... and it’s a bargain: pay-what-you-will admission to help defray the costs.  There’s a social time with refreshments in-between performances.
  This year’s Festival has at least six confirmed participants.  For belly-laugh humour, the Tracadie Players will take “A Trip to the Dentist,” and the Murray Players will show a widow trying to marry off her daughter in a twist on “A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”  ACT (a community theatre) offers scenes from “The Dining Room”, A.R. Gurney’s portrayal of the family life of the privileged.  The Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors will act out several new tellings of imaginative legends built around Glooscap, creation, an oak tree and a berry patch.  The Kings Players have chosen an excerpt from George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion”, the foundation for My Fair Lady.  And the Spotlight School of Arts will provide the fun of theatre-game improv.
  The annual event is backed by ACT (a community theatre) and sponsored by several community businesses which have a commitment to the arts, including The Buzz, Bluefield Realty, and Academy of Learning.  A well-known dental clinic is pitching in this year; its staff should especially enjoy Tracadie’s “A Trip to the Dentist”!  As well, the Watermark Theatre, Victoria Playhouse and Spotlight School of Arts have all donated tickets to be raffled.
  Here’s what Wade Lynch, adjudicator of several Festivals, has said about the experience: “The PEI Community Theatre Festival reminds me of why I went into theatre ... It is a celebration of life expressed through theatre ... To hear stories told, sung and physicalized in English, French, Mi’kmaq and mime is how we build a stronger, welcoming, tolerant, safe and magical community.”
  The Carrefour’s doors open at 12:30 on Saturday, March 11th; the plays begin at 1:00 and run till about 5:30.  There’ll be a 15-minute break between plays to provide for adjudication and set-up of the next play ... and also to give the audience a chance to socialize, get raffle tickets and sample the refreshments.
For information: Rob Thomson - robthomson @, 628-6778.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Wanted: directors with plays

ACT is looking for potential directors and play proposals for 2017/18

  The Directors of Theatre for ACT are looking for directors who might want to stage an ACT theatre piece.
  ACT likes staging three or four productions a year, and loves to have a good variety of different kinds of theatre.  We’re now looking for shows for autumn 2017 and for 2018, and possibly even this spring (2017).
  Have you considered directing or producing a show?  Perhaps you have a favourite play which has been rolling around in your mind for some time, or maybe one just popped into your head.  We’re open to all kinds of production — big/medium/small … comedy, musical, quasi-improv, gripping drama, mystery, slice-of-life, political satire, romance, family-friendly or avant-garde/mature.  We can help develop a formal proposal to get authorization from the Board of Directors of ACT, and can if necessary help to recruit key production team-members.
  So what do you say?  Would you give it some thought, and perhaps get together with us over a cup of coffee or glass of something to talk over some ideas?  Hope so!
Information/contact: robthomson @; eslkatie1 @

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Dining Room

Scores of scenes, dozens of characters portray a vanishing class

In February 2017, ACT (a community theatre) will offer a unique theatre experience. Directed by Terry Pratt, The Dining Room will take audience members on a journey through various decades of the 20th century and give them glimpses of upper-middle-class, North American WASP family life, as depicted in short scenes that share a common setting: a dining room.

A.R. Gurney’s play presents a perspective on a vanishing – or indeed, perhaps now completely vanished – social class. While privileged and pretentious, it is one that is also loyal and loving, placing great value on the rituals of eating and talking as a family and holding family councils. The audience will be welcomed into that intimate setting and will witness the intricacies of life in various eras throughout the 20th century.

Another exciting element about the play is the fact that six actors will play 55 characters – that’s eight to ten characters per actor. This poses both a challenge for the actors and a treat for audience members, as they watch familiar faces transform from scene to scene. For ACT newcomer Suzanne Wilkie, one such challenge is remembering that nothing we see is arbitrary and that each scene is “the most important, the most vibrant” in any given character’s life. “Otherwise,” she says, “why would we be showing this snapshot?” Every scene treats the audience to pivotal, intimate moments ordinarily hidden from view.

Performances will be at Le Carrefour Theatre, 2 Acadian Drive, Charlottetown on February 17 and 18 at 7:30pm and February 18 at 2:00 pm, as well as at the Haviland Club, 2 Haviland Street, Charlottetown, on February 4th for a matinee at 2pm   Tickets are available on
ACT will also stage the play in individual homes in the style of “chamber” theatre – sure to be an immersive experience for those in attendance;  these performances have already sold out.
Visit the blog for backgrounders:
For further information or follow up, please contact
Publicist: Kathryn Nazim:, or
Producer: Bunty Albert:

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS this weekend - two special features!

  Little Shop of Horrors is the perfect musical comedy for Hallowe’en-time — a total eclipse of the sun; the mysterious Audrey II, the plant with attitude and appetite; a Faustian deal with the devil; the plant’s diet of blood; a sadistic leather-jacketed dentist who dies of laughing gas.
  As a sort of Hallowe’en celebration, ACT (a community theatre) is offering two special features for the performances this Saturday and Sunday.
  There is a special family ticket bargain for the two matinees (2:30 on Saturday and Sunday).  The charge for children 14 and under will be just $10.  They need to be accompanied by an adult, since the show is considered to have a PG10 rating.  That special price is available only at-the-door (which is cash only).
  The second special feature is literally a treat: anyone who wears a Hallowe’en costume (without mask) to any one of the Saturday or Sunday performances (whether evening or matinee) will get a candy treat.
  Little Shop of Horrors plays this weekend, October 27th to 30th, at the Florence Simmons Performance Hall of Holland College (Weymouth Street in downtown Charlottetown).
  Tickets are $28 or $25 (senior, student, limited income), and are available in three ways: at; from the theatre’s box office (Weymouth St) 902-894-6885; or at the door (cash only).
  Information: 902-628-6778,

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS - 4 days till Opening Night

Performance Week!

  This is it.  We’re moving into the theatre … the set gets assembled; the lights get focused; the sound gets checked; the props get placed … dress rehearsal Wednesday … then Thursday, 27 October: opening night!
  ACT is mounting an amazing production — a witty sci-fi spoof as musical comedy, with some serious under-themes of abuse and quiet desperation in the lives of ordinary people.  The acting is professionally strong; the singing and dancing are exciting and fun; the set literally blossoms … and Audrey II, the astonishing man-eating plant, will steal the show.  No wonder there’s such momentum in ticket sales.
  The theatre itself is a draw — this is the first big theatrical production in the beautiful new Florence Simmons Performance Hall at Holland College’s downtown campus (Weymouth Street in Charlottetown).
  Five performances: evenings (7:30) of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, plus matinees (2:30) on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s perfect entertainment for the Hallowe’en weekend.  In fact the Saturday and Sunday shows feature a fun bonus: wear a Hallowe’en costume (without mask) and you get a candy treat.
  Tickets are $28/25, at or at Holland College’s box office (weekdays 10 to 5) - 902-894-6885.  Info: call 902-628-6778

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS - 5 days till Opening Night

What a show this is

  I’ve just come home from watching a rehearsal of Little Shop of Horrors — the first time with costumes.  What a delight!
  I can’t get over how professionally polished the show is.
  Most of our publicity has featured Audrey II as the star of the show, and there’s no question that she/he/it is fascinating.  Thea and Thomas, Laura and Justeann, Charles, Greg and Kevin make this creature live, and the audience will love it.
  But I’ve got to say how utterly impressed I am with the strength of the cast and band.  The instrumental music is great — nice going, Rowan.  The Ronnettes (Lindsay, Alexandra and Jenna Marie) rival the Supremes.  Rich’s Mushnik is a perfect sleaze.  Steve/Seymour and Robyn/Audrey are wonderfully comic, but they have an emotional depth which surprised me.  And Noah’s Orin made me both laugh and clench my teeth tightly.  And my gosh, the Company of Street People — what a gang of talented singer-dancers: the big numbers are superb.  Morgan has to be very proud of the dancing; Owen and Marti must feel so good about the singing.  And Peter, of course — what a creation.
  It’s not just a fun musical comedy, I’m realizing: the acting, from leads to chorus to animate plant is really, really good.  We’ve got excellent theatre going on here.  Can’t wait for opening night on Thursday!

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Saturday, October 15, 2016


FLASH: Tickets now available at Florence Simmons Box Office

There’s a choice now for getting Little Shop of Horrors tickets
  The newly opened Florence Simmons Box Office is now offering ticket purchases either in person or by phone.  This is in addition to online purchase at
  The Box Office is located just inside the main entrance to the Performance Hall of Holland College on Weymouth Street in Charlottetown.  It is open weekdays from 10:00 till 5:00 o’clock.  The telephone number is 902-894-6885.  Tickets are $28 and $25, a portion of which contributes to a scholarship fund.
  Little Shop of Horrors is staged by ACT (a community theatre) at the beautiful new Florence Simmons Performance Hall — a Hallowe’en play for the Hallowe’en weekend, October 27th to 30th: evening shows (7:30) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, plus matinees (2:30) on both Saturday and Sunday.  It’s the famous musical comedy with the voracious plant, which sings and dances along with a cast of almost 30 and a pit-band playing a range from rock-n-roll to tender ballad.  This is a fun show, suitable for youngsters at a level of about PG10.  The Saturday and Sunday shows will be even more fun: wear a Hallowe’en costume (without mask) and you’ll get a candy treat.
Information: 902-628-6778 robthomson @

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Sunday, October 09, 2016


Little Shop of Horrors—with candy!

  It’s the perfect Hallowe’en show: Little Shop of Horrors.  More than just costumes, it has a scary plant that grows from an almost cuddly seedling into a malevolent monster that measures two metres tall and eats people.  The show is a great sci-fi spoof, full of comedy and good music.
  And there’s a sweet bonus.  Kids (young and old) who come to the Saturday and Sunday performances in a Hallowe’en costume (but no mask) will get a candy treat.  It’s good Hallowe’en fun.  (Suggested audience: PG 10)
  ACT’s five performances of Little Shop of Horrors are presented at the beautiful new Florence Simmons theatre of Holland College, from the 27th to 30th of October: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings (7:30) plus matinees (2:30) on Saturday and Sunday.  The treats are a bonus for the Saturday evening and both afternoon shows.
  Tickets ($28 and $25) are sold online at  There is no HST charge.  A portion of the price is contributed to Holland College’s Florence Simmons Scholarship fund.  Some tickets may be available at the door (if there is not a sell-out).
  Information: 902-628-6778, robthomson @

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Making of a Man-Eater


  That’s right: the star of the show is Audrey II — the plant with Attitude ... and Appetite!  There’ll be thirty on-stage performers plus a pit band, but the real eye-catcher will be a plant, one which grows through the show from a wilted seedling to a lively two-metre-tall creature who actually devours some of the actors.  Oh yes, this is a wonderfully novel musical comedy!
  Audrey II came to Charlottetown after a stage debut in Windsor Ontario.  She/he/it was created for Korda Artistic Productions by props professional Deb Erb, with the help of her daughter Jenny.  Deb works with a group of theatre designers and artists in Stratford Ontario. She began the months-long construction of the four puppets that are Audrey in her home in Woodstock.  When Audrey grew too big, Deb loaded the twelve framing pieces into her car and drove to Korda’s theatre in Windsor, where the building continued in the rear of the audience section.  Deb got extra help from a team of Joe Cardinal, Matt Burgess and Jeff Marinate of Korda.
  And so Audrey II’s performance career was launched in a dozen shows over January and February of this year.  That’s when ACT’s production team heard about the plant.  The purchase was made and the puppets were shipped to ACT’s Charlottetown warehouse.  Audrey is currently being put through her/his/its paces as five puppeteers and Audrey-voices practise giving life and personality to the plant.
  As Little Shop comes to a close, Audrey will have a triumphal climax by sprouting some astonishing extra appendages.  But that won’t be the end for these puppets: Audrey will probably not ‘retire’ after the PEI shows.  ACT plans to advertise across North America so that another theatre company can make good use of this brilliant creation.  Little Shop of Horrors is performed regularly on stages around the world.
  ACT’s five performances of Little Shop of Horrors are presented at the beautiful new Florence Simmons theatre of Holland College, from the 27th to 30th of October: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings (7:30) plus matinees (2:30) on Saturday and Sunday.
  Tickets ($28 and $25) are sold online at
  Information: 902-628-6778, robthomson @

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Monday, September 05, 2016


They’re (almost) here!

  Tickets for ACT’s production of Little Shop of Horrors are on sale as of Friday 9 September.  They’re at … look for the show in the Atlantic region, at the Florence Simmons Performance Hall in Charlottetown.
  It’s general seating; all seats in this beautiful new theatre are excellent.  The price is $28 — or $25 for students, seniors or limited income.  There is no HST charge.  A portion of the purchase price supports Holland College’s Florence Simmons scholarship fund.  Performances: October 27-30th — Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoon matinees.
Information: robthomson @, 902-628-6778

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Little Shop of Horrors - Rehearsals under way

Taking strong shape after just a week and a half!

Stopped into the Beach House Wednesday evening to catch some of the vocal rehearsal. Wow! Already Owen and Marti, the principals and the chorus, are getting a wonderful sound together. I couldn’t get the driving beat and catchy lyrics of “Skid Row” out of my head next morning!
Director Peter reports that things are coming together impressively.
And you should see Lindsay, Jenna Marie and Alexandra dance!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beach House Rejuvenation

A cosmetic upgrade for our warehouse

The Beach House is getting a new look this week (August 15-20), as a gang of volunteers make minor repairs and paint the exterior—dark brown with grey trim.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Cast chosen ... Preparations well under way for Little Shop of Horrors

ACT (a community theatre) is busy getting things ready for the upcoming production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” Audrey II, the plant with attitude and appetite will be invading Holland College’s new Florence Simmons Performance Hall just in time for Halloween! 

After days of auditions and an intensive round-table discussion, the cast for “Little Shop of Horrors” was chosen. Audiences can look forward to seeing some local favourites bring this dark musical comedy to life on stage. CBC’s own Steve Bruce will be taking on the role of Seymour—the nerdy assistant at Mushnik’s Flower Shop; the owner, Mr Mushnik, is played by Richard Feldbaum. Seymour is in love with the sweet Audrey (Lisa Carmody Doiron), who doesn’t seem to notice him because of her involvement with the sadistic dentist Orin (Noah Nazim). To help the story—and the romance—move along, audiences will delight in watching the ‘Rhonettes’, a do-wop trio, played by Jenna Marie McDonald, Lindsay Schiek and Alexandra Sorenson. Eventually, things start looking up for Seymour: business is booming, he gets a family, and the woman he loves finally takes notice of him. But at what cost? And who is this Audrey II?

Of course, no production would be complete without a set and all of its dressings! The set for “Little Shop of Horrors” has been designed to help transport the audience to the downtrodden Skid Row of the 1950s. While the actors are busy learning lines, and song and dance routines, some of ACT’s other dedicated volunteers have been working hard constructing buildings complete with moveable parts. 

ACT’s production of “Little Shop of Horrors” is directed by Peter Krauskopf, who staged Colonel Gray’s musicals for many years. Music direction is by Rowan Fitzgerald and Owen Aylward, and Morgan Wagner is the choreographer. There will be five performances of Little Shop of Horrors from October 27th to 30th at the 300-seat Florence Simmons Performance Hall. Stay tuned for upcoming information about ticket sales. Further information: 902-628-6778, robthomson @

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