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Auditions for INHERIT THE WIND INHERIT THE WIND is based on a real courtroom case, the so-called “Scopes Monkey Trial” of 1925, in the town of Dayton, Tennessee.  At that time, and right until 1967, the state had a law against the teaching of evolution in its schools.  A number of local citizens decided to… ACT One Editor 10/02/13 0
Theatre Stage Management Workshop - Class Re-offered A skilled Stage Manager is the one person in the production team who keeps it all together.  As a conduit for information, the stage manager is responsible for ensuring that all members of the theatre company are provided with the information that they need to get the show ready for the stage.  As an administrator, the stage manager assists the director, organizes rehearsals, sets schedules and takes notes.  As an artist, the stage manager calls the cues that keep the show running smoothly and as intended by the director.  Overall, the Stage Manager is a communicator, decision maker and key member of any stage production. ACT One Editor 01/05/05 0
2005 PEI Theatre Festival - Call for Island Theatre Groups TheatrePEI invites Island theatre groups to participate in the fourth annual PEI Theatre Festival scheduled for March 9th to 13th, 2005.  The PEI Theatre Festival, an Island-wide celebration of theatre, will feature workshops and performances by Island theatre groups and conclude with the PEI Theatre Festival Gala.  ACT One Editor 01/02/05 0
TheatrePEI’s 24th Annual New Voices Playwriting Competition 2005 Play scripts are now being accepted for TheatrePEI�s 24th annual New Voices Playwriting Competition.  Prize money is awarded for scripts entered into the full length, one act and high school play categories.  Individual students or classes may enter into the high school category.  A $5 entry fee must accompany each… ACT One Editor 01/01/05 0
TheatrePEIs Voice Workshop: Bringing Songs to Life - Storytelling in Musical Theatre At the centre of every song is a beating heart: a character, a mood, a desire, a story. As singers, we must move beyond the sound of our voices, our tensions, our anxieties, our egos to illuminate the truth in the lyrics and have fun! This is a course for… ACT One Editor 12/17/04 0
Open Stage!!! TheatrePEI is inviting all actors to perform during the open stage at our Christmas Social scheduled for Tuesday, December 21st from 6 to 9 pm at the Basilica Recreation Centre. If you have a short monologue, song or scene (maximum of 5 minutes long) that you would like to perform,… ACT One Editor 12/14/04 0
We’re Glad This Cast Member Finally “Drummed” Up The Nerve To Audition! ALBERT KAYS Albert is a native of Charlottetown, and has spent his whole life listening to and playing rock music.  He spends most weekends playing with a local rock group called Tongue and Groove.  A drummer by trade, Albert Forest Gumped his way into Jesus Christ Superstar. Find out why Albert was a little worried about auditioning for JCS by clicking on “more”. ACT One Editor 10/28/04 5 11/06/04
And the answer is… If you guessed Gerry Gray was the dancer on the far left…you’d be wrong! Click on “more” to find out which dancer is Gerry! ACT One Editor 10/28/04 2 10/31/04
On-Stage and On-Track! DOUG GALLANT   PRIEST Doug grew up in Charlottetown and has been involved with ACT virtually since its inception, drawn to this band of merry folk by a love of theatre or, at very least, a deep and abiding appreciation of the time honoured tradition of the cast party! Oh hell, lets be honest, Doug continues, I married into it! Dougs wife Barb Rhodenhizer is well-known in Charlottetown, having been involved in theatre on the Island for over thirty years, and in order to spend more quality time with his sweetheart, Doug became involved in acting as well. Find out why Doug thinks “Canada Rocks” when you click on “more”! ACT One Editor 10/26/04 2 10/31/04
En-Choir-ing Minds Want To Know! Stphane Parent This Sagittarian singer was born on the outskirts of Ottawa, and moved to the Island in the early ‘80s to work at Veterans Affairs Canada. Stphane enjoys jogging, reading and singing hes been with one choir or another for the last twenty years! During the summer he and his family enjoy spending time together at the cottage. Click on “more” to find out what prompted Stphane to audition for JCS! ACT One Editor 10/25/04 5 11/06/04
Wine and Elephants JOHN D. FARRELL A mainlander by birth, an Islander by choice, John D. lives in what he believes to be one of the most beautiful places on the Island, St. Peters Bay. A high school counsellor at Morell High, John D. admits he would rather be a vagabond. He has… ACT One Editor 10/25/04 2 11/02/04
***Warning***“Graphic” Content Below FRED LOUDER JCS GRAPHICS A professional editor and translator, Fred moved to PEI in 1992 from Montreal, where for 15 years he also printed and published fine letterpress editions of contemporary poetry, including works by August Kleinzahler, Michel Beaulieu, Robyn Sarah, A.F. Moritz and Christopher Dewdney. Click on “more” to find out why JCS is Fred’s fountain of youth! ACT One Editor 10/22/04 1 10/22/04
This ACT Member Was A Real “Shoe-In” As Co-Producer! BRENDA PORTER CO-PRODUCER A native “Bluenoser”, Brenda moved to the Island two and a half years ago after what she calls “an absolute age”  teaching music, drama, and dance in Nova Scotia. While teaching high school she directed productions such as Anne of Green Gables, The Sound of Music, and Youre a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Click on “more” to find out why Brenda will be “kicking up her heels” when the curtain opens on JCS! ACT One Editor 10/19/04 1 10/20/04
Here’s one lady who is “sew” creative! PAM JEWELL HEAD COSTUMER As my father always used to say, Cut your suit according to the cloth at hand! Pam quips, then adds, Sew (pardon the pun), I picked up my scissors and material, and my sewing career took off! A Grade Eight home economics sewing class and a summer job slaving away in wardrobe at Confederation Centre set Pam on the road to discovering her current passion. Not only did sewing tickle her fancy, she also found that she loved creating things as well! Click on “more” to find out why Pam’s kids never complained when helping their mom with her work! ACT One Editor 10/18/04 2 11/02/04
A Graduate of The School Of Rock! JEREMY ROBERT HICKEY - JESUS A Charlottetown native, Jeremy graduated from UPEI in 2003 with a Bachelor of Music (with voice as principal instrument).  Jeremy performed in musical productions of My Fair Lady and The Secret Garden while attending Charlottetown Rural High School, and he appeared in several community theatre… ACT One Editor 10/18/04 3 11/02/04
Become “Prop"erly acquainted with another valuable member of the JCS team! In her spare time Janet enjoys crafts, reading, and gardening. And from time to time you may even spot her taking her dog Murdoch for a walk near her home in West Royalty. Having helped with props on a number of productions in the past, Janet was happy to get… ACT One Editor 10/15/04 1 11/02/04
Villains have more fun! MARIEVE MACGREGOR AKA SHUGA CUBE -  DANCER This is Marieves last year on P.E.I., and taking a role in “JCS” is her last chance to be part of an Island production before pursuing film studies in Toronto and Marieve adds I really just wanted to play a leper. Can you guess what vegetable Marieve prefers? Here’s a hint…just like Marieve, they can be sweet…and they’re hard to keep track of when they’re rolling all over the place! Click on “more” to find out if you’re right! ACT One Editor 10/14/04 3 10/26/04
Multiple roles for this JCS Performer! border=0 alt=Carl Philips name=image width=75 height=50 / CARL PHILLIPS - PRIEST Check this space often to learn more about your JCS cast and crew mates! Two new profiles will be posted each day. Click on ‘More…’ below to get the full information. ACT One Editor 10/14/04 1 10/14/04
Introducing…Another Rising Star from the JCS Cast! border=0 alt=Bryanna Cook name=image width=75 height=50 / BRYANA COOK - CHILD Check this space often to learn more about your JCS cast and crew mates! Two new profiles will be posted each day. Click on ‘More…’ below to get the full information. ACT One Editor 10/13/04 10 10/28/04
There’s “No Stopping” this young JCS Cast Member! LUCAS MacARTHUR   SAUL Twelve year-old Lucas is in grade seven at Queen Charlotte, where he plays the French horn in band. His love of music also took him on a trip to Ottawa on Canada Day to sing with a choir. ACT One Editor 10/12/04 5 10/14/04
Introducing…More of your JCS Family! border=0 alt=Greg Hughes name=image width=75 height=50 / GREG HUGHES - PROGRAM SALES Check this space often to learn more about your JCS cast and crew mates! Two new profiles will be posted each day. Click on ‘More…’ below to get the full information. ACT One Editor 10/12/04 3 10/15/04
Introducing…Your JCS Family! border=0 alt=Dressed for Work name=image width=75 height=50 / ROB THOMSON PUBLICITY Check this space often to learn more about your JCS cast and crew mates! Two new profiles will be posted each day. Click on ‘More…’ below to get the full information. ACT One Editor 10/09/04 3 10/12/04
Introducing…Your JCS Family! TONY WELSH - ROMAN SOLDIER ACT One Editor 10/09/04 2 10/14/04
Introducing…the Jesus Christ Superstar Family! border=0 alt=Jo Edge name=image width=75 height=50 / JO EDGE -  COSTUMES/SET Check this space often to learn more about your JCS cast and crew mates! Two new profiles will be posted each day. Click on ‘More…’ below to get the full information. Tomorrow…See the ACT member who was caught… ACT One Editor 10/07/04 1 10/10/04
Introducing…The Jesus Christ Superstar Family! Eleven year-old Courtney is enrolled in Grade 6 French Immersion at Spring Park School. She has studied voice for five years and piano for seven years, during which time she has won numerous awards at the Queens County Music Festival, where she was recently named Provincial Finalist in voice for… ACT One Editor 10/07/04 5 01/01/05
Praise for “Murder” team Today, as I write this message, still relishing the committed efforts of our cast and production team of “Murder in the Cathedral” after our opening night, I’m reminded of a passage from David Mamet’s (an American playwright/director/teacher)book, “True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor,” which articulates the… ACT One Editor 08/27/04 4 08/31/04
Eighteen Tips for Memorizing Lines It is a commonplace that people have different learning styles. Some are better with visual aids, others with aural or tactile; some like abstractions such as numbers, while others prefer concrete examples or images; and so on. No doubt, however, everyone learns some things in each of these ways. My… ACT One Editor 07/01/04 6 03/21/09
Some ACT Items from Terry Here are some personal items from me for mulling and discussion, by email or at the next ACT Board meeting, on January 4 (Warehouse 4-6 pm). 1. TPEI Theatre Festival (March 25-28) Monique intends to put in a scene from OFFICE HOURS.  I intend to put in, and act myself,… ACT One Editor 12/29/03 2 01/03/04