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2019 Community Theatre Festival - Schedule Here’s the line-up for Saturday afternoon, March 30th, at The Carrefour.   There is a 15-minute break between plays, for adjudication, changing the stage, and refreshments.  The times cannot be exact — there’s bound to be some variation, but we’ll try to keep on track. 1:00 - The Shamrock Players… RobAdmin 03/14/19 0
Here’s another juror   Kate is a former teacher, a specialist in both theatre and English as a second or alternative language; she has taught in places as diverse as Toronto, Northern Ontario … all the way to Mozambique and Tanzania.   She has contributed to ACT in many ways over the years. … RobAdmin 03/14/19 0
Yr. Obedient Servant The English-speaking world’s most famous talker, dictionary-maker, and curmudgeon, Dr. Samuel Johnson, will make one final, public appearance on the Island this winter. Watermark Theatre hosts Yr. Obedient Servant: An Evening of Chamber Theatre with Samuel Johnson on Friday, March 8, at 7:30 p.m.  Your free-will offering will support the… RobAdmin 03/05/19 0
Another ‘Angry Women’ profile   Justeann Hansen is a seasoned performer.  She got into ballet when she was 4, and started theatre lessons at age 6.  That had her taking part in some plays and musicals, and got her into community theatre productions (like Peter Pan and The Ugly Duckling) when she was about… RobAdmin 02/27/19 0
A Theatrical Smorgasbord   PEI will mark the 58th celebration of World Theatre Day on the afternoon of Saturday, March 30th, at the Carrefour in Charlottetown.  It’s the annual Community Theatre Festival.  And it’s sure to be fun.   Eight short plays (30 minutes or less) will run every three-quarters of an hour… RobAdmin 02/19/19 0
Another ‘Angry Women’ Juror   Anne of Green Gables she’s not … but she has been!  Robyn may be recognized by many of us: for half-a-dozen summers she was indeed Anne Shirley at Avonlea Village in Cavendish.   She is a very different person in 12 Angry Women: her Juror #12, she says, is… RobAdmin 02/17/19 0
A very angry woman   Laura Stapleton got her early theatre experience on another island — Cape Breton.  She saw her mother acting with, and wearing most other hats for, The Mira Players … and after a few years she joined the group herself.  Here on PEI — largely by way of a romantic… RobAdmin 02/05/19 0
Another ‘Angry Women’ Juror   Consider two strands in Margaret’s ‘pedigree’ — one genealogical, and another one theatrical.   She has strong Island roots: her father’s family is from the Morell area, and she spent many happy summer vacations here.  She moved to PEI two years ago, and lives in Murray Harbour — “a… RobAdmin 02/03/19 0
12 Angry Women - Actor profile   Jennifer Shields has a long-and-strong connection with theatre, particularly with ACT.  There have been acting and singing roles, but most of her contribution has been off-stage — as producer, for instance, and on the Board of Directors.  And then there’s being married to the Director, Terry Pratt!  As she… RobAdmin 01/26/19 0
12 Angry Women - Actor profiles Nancy MacNevin - Juror #11   Nancy MacNevin saw the movie “12 Angry Men” on TV many years ago.  She was struck by the raw emotions, the back-and-forth of conflicting opinions, and the variety of characters as a reflection of a diverse society.  “That’s why I wanted to audition for… RobAdmin 01/21/19 0
Community Theatre Festival   Preparations for the 2019 Community Theatre Festival have shifted into a higher gear.  At least a half-a-dozen groups have indicated their intent to participate, and we know that several are already rehearsing.   Finalization of the line-up will come later, but as of mid-January it looks like we’ll have:… RobAdmin 01/18/19 0
12 Angry Women (plus one not-so-angry)   The dozen parts in 12 Angry Women have been cast.  Auditions were held at the very end of December.  Almost thirty strong actors came out, and Director Terry Pratt, along with Producer Richard Haines and Stage Manager Sharon MacDonald, found it very challenging to make the selections.  The choices… RobAdmin 01/17/19 0
Reminder: Auditions for 12 Angry Women ACT (a community theatre) will stage 12 Angry Women in the round at four Island venues April 26–May 10.  Rehearsals will begin in mid-February.  The play is an adaptation for an all-female cast by Reginald Rose and Sherman Sergel of Rose’s famous 12 Angry Men, set in a grubby, hot jury-room in New… RobAdmin 12/03/18 0
AUDITION NOTICE   The Benevolent Irish Society in partnership with ACT (a community theatre) is producing an Irish comedy, Wake in the West, on March 7-9th and March 12-14th, 2019. The play will be staged at the Irish Hall on North River Road. Auditions will be held on Saturday, December 1st from… RobAdmin 11/23/18 0
PLAY READING Monday, 19 November at 6:30 pm - at Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca, 45 Queen Street in Charlottetown Round-the-table reading of the play which will be staged by ACT (a community theatre) next spring.  It was a hugely popular film and stage production, and then was adapted from ‘Angry Men’ into… RobAdmin 11/11/18 0
Opportunity for Women Actors   When was the last time you saw a play with a dozen women players? (… and we’re not talking about a chorus-line of leggy dancers).  Come spring we’ll be seeing ACT’s staging of 12 Angry Women — which will actually feature thirteen female roles.   The play is an… RobAdmin 11/11/18 0
AUDITIONS: 12 Angry Women ACT (a community theatre) will stage 12 Angry Women in the round at four Island venues April 26–May 10.  Rehearsals will begin in mid-February.  The play is an adaptation for an all-female cast by Reginald Rose and Sherman Sergel of Rose’s famous 12 Angry Men, set in a grubby, hot jury-room in New… RobAdmin 10/12/18 0
PLAYS WANTED!   The PEI Community Theatre Festival will be held for 2019 on Saturday, March 30th.  It’s the Island’s annual celebration of World Theatre Day.   It will be at the Carrefour in Charlottetown, filling the Saturday afternoon with a play running every ¾ of an hour or so, with a… RobAdmin 10/12/18 0
AUDITION CASTING CALL FOR “CAVENDISH” A new series created by Andrew Bush, Mark Little and Garry Campbell! Synopsis: Cavendish is a half hour comedy about two bickering brothers returning to their hometown to take care of their grumpy and ailing father, only to collide with the strange townsfolk and their even… RobAdmin 05/29/18 0
A theatrical project to consider … We want to share theatre, right?  That’s part of community theatre. So here’s a chance to do that. Phil Matusiewisc — a man who has a long record of public service, and incidentally has been the superb photographer for our Community Theatre Festival — is now acting as the Administrator… RobAdmin 03/27/18 0
A fine success!   Saturday afternoon, March 17th at the Carrefour: what a great Community Theatre Festival it was.  It was enjoyed by the biggest audience we’ve ever had.   Seven amateur groups presented a dandy variety of pieces: an amusing mystery, a gripping drama in French, a belly-laugh spoof of CBC-Compass, young… RobAdmin 03/27/18 0
2018 Community Theatre Festival 1:00 - The Murray Players -  “Any Body for Tea”   A comedic melodrama: six ‘very-proper’ elderly spinsters find a novel way to lure an attractive homicide detective to visit them — a murder.  A play within a play, there is an unexpected and subtle twist at the very end.… RobAdmin 03/06/18 0
French-speaking actresses Wanted: 3 French-speaking actresses … to be in the 25-minute play “Ma meilleure amie, ma meilleure ennemie.” Characters: two aged around 30-40, and the third around 60. Rehearsals beginning immediately … in preparation for the PEI Community Theatre Festival on Saturday, March 17th. Contact Nadine Salami - n.n.salami @… RobAdmin 03/01/18 0
PEI Community Theatre Festival 2018   PEI will mark the 57th celebration of World Theatre Day on the afternoon of Saturday, March 17th, at the Carrefour in Charlottetown.  It’s the annual Community Theatre Festival.   A half a dozen short plays (30 minutes or less) will run every three-quarters of an hour or so throughout… RobAdmin 02/16/18 0
RAINBOW VALLEY   Hank Stinson — the man who for decades has acted in and developed shows for the Charlottetown Festival — has created a musical adaptation of LM Montgomery’s Rainbow Valley.  We think ACT will stage it at The Guild a year from now, in November 2018.  ACT has been directly… RobAdmin 10/26/17 0
Plays Wanted!   Prince Edward Island’s annual celebration of World Theatre Day is the PEI Community Theatre Festival, which will again be held in March, on Saturday the 17th.   It will be at the Carrefour in Charlottetown, filling the Saturday afternoon with a play running every ¾ of an hour or… RobAdmin 10/19/17 0
Audition Call for Family Violence Prevention Videos This comes from Charlottetown’s Purple Ribbon Task Force ... Mugisha Enterprises, in collaboration with the City of Charlottetown’s Mayor’s Purple Ribbon Task Force on Family Violence Prevention, will be holding auditions on Sunday, September 17, and Monday, September 18, 2017, to fill the roles listed below in a workplace training… RobAdmin 09/05/17 0
Rum Running and such! Our friends Hank & Rowena have a dandy show—about Rum Running!—at the Haviland Club ... Tickets are available at Phone 902 360 2024 Or at the Haviland Club, corner of Haviland & Water Streets. Phone 902 894 4421 RobAdmin 06/30/17 0
FIGHTING WORDS! We know what you’re thinking.  And, yes, this is going to be as cool as it sounds. ACT (a community theatre), in partnership with Phil Stewart from the PEI Fencing Association, will be offering a two-day stage combat workshop Father’s Day weekend, Saturday, June 17th and Sunday, June 18th. The… RobAdmin 05/24/17 0
Job Opportunity at Victoria Playhouse Start date: late May/early June 40 hours/wk: variable hours must be available weekends and evenings This is a full-time seasonal position that offers the right individual an opportunity to work in a creative environment as part of a dynamic team. You will be working with the head scenic carpenter/stage technician.… RobAdmin 04/05/17 0
PLAY READING - March 12   ACT and Hank Stinson are hosting a reading of Hank’s new musical play Rainbow Valley at the Stinsons’ home - 14 Confederation Street (across from Ardgowan, the Parks Canada HQ) on Sunday evening, March 12th.   Hank Stinson is the well-known actor who for years and years played several… RobAdmin 03/04/17 0
“The Producers” The Producers: Presentations and A Panel Discussion for People Interested in Spear-heading Community Theatre Shows   When you watch a play, what you are seeing is a very small fraction of what is involved in mounting a show. There are people who manage and organize a team that involves directors,… RobAdmin 02/12/17 0
Community Theatre Festival - need some help ACT needs you!  To volunteer at the Community Theatre Festival The Community Theatre Festival is March 11, 2017 at the Carrefour Theatre, from 1pm to 6pm-ish. The snow date is March 12, 2017 at the same location. We are looking for volunteers to sit at a table and • give… RobAdmin 02/12/17 0
PEI Community Theatre Festival 2017   PEI will mark the 56th celebration of World Theatre Day on the afternoon of Saturday, March 11th, at the Carrefour in Charlottetown.  It’s the annual Community Theatre Festival.   Six short plays (30 minutes or less) will run every three-quarters of an hour or so throughout the afternoon.  It’s… RobAdmin 02/11/17 0
Wanted: directors with plays   The Directors of Theatre for ACT are looking for directors who might want to stage an ACT theatre piece.   ACT likes staging three or four productions a year, and loves to have a good variety of different kinds of theatre.  We’re now looking for shows for autumn 2017… RobAdmin 01/23/17 0
The Dining Room In February 2017, ACT (a community theatre) will offer a unique theatre experience. Directed by Terry Pratt, The Dining Room will take audience members on a journey through various decades of the 20th century and give them glimpses of upper-middle-class, North American WASP family life, as depicted in short scenes… RobAdmin 01/19/17 0
HALLOWE’EN SPECIAL   Little Shop of Horrors is the perfect musical comedy for Hallowe’en-time — a total eclipse of the sun; the mysterious Audrey II, the plant with attitude and appetite; a Faustian deal with the devil; the plant’s diet of blood; a sadistic leather-jacketed dentist who dies of laughing gas.  … RobAdmin 10/26/16 0
LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS - 4 days till Opening Night   This is it.  We’re moving into the theatre … the set gets assembled; the lights get focused; the sound gets checked; the props get placed … dress rehearsal Wednesday … then Thursday, 27 October: opening night!   ACT is mounting an amazing production — a witty sci-fi spoof as… RobAdmin 10/23/16 0
LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS - 5 days till Opening Night   I’ve just come home from watching a rehearsal of Little Shop of Horrors — the first time with costumes.  What a delight!   I can’t get over how professionally polished the show is.   Most of our publicity has featured Audrey II as the star of the show, and… RobAdmin 10/22/16 0
TICKETS for LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS There’s a choice now for getting Little Shop of Horrors tickets   The newly opened Florence Simmons Box Office is now offering ticket purchases either in person or by phone.  This is in addition to online purchase at   The Box Office is located just inside the main entrance… RobAdmin 10/15/16 0
HALLOWE’EN TREAT   It’s the perfect Hallowe’en show: Little Shop of Horrors.  More than just costumes, it has a scary plant that grows from an almost cuddly seedling into a malevolent monster that measures two metres tall and eats people.  The show is a great sci-fi spoof, full of comedy and good… RobAdmin 10/09/16 0
The Making of a Man-Eater   That’s right: the star of the show is Audrey II — the plant with Attitude ... and Appetite!  There’ll be thirty on-stage performers plus a pit band, but the real eye-catcher will be a plant, one which grows through the show from a wilted seedling to a lively two-metre-tall… RobAdmin 09/22/16 0
LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS - TICKETS ON SALE!   Tickets for ACT’s production of Little Shop of Horrors are on sale as of Friday 9 September.  They’re at … look for the show in the Atlantic region, at the Florence Simmons Performance Hall in Charlottetown.   It’s general seating; all seats in this beautiful new theatre are… RobAdmin 09/05/16 0
Little Shop of Horrors - Rehearsals under way Stopped into the Beach House Wednesday evening to catch some of the vocal rehearsal. Wow! Already Owen and Marti, the principals and the chorus, are getting a wonderful sound together. I couldn’t get the driving beat and catchy lyrics of “Skid Row” out of my head next morning! Director Peter… RobAdmin 08/26/16 0
Beach House Rejuvenation The Beach House is getting a new look this week (August 15-20), as a gang of volunteers make minor repairs and paint the exterior—dark brown with grey trim. RobAdmin 08/17/16 0
DON’T FEED THE PLANT! ACT (a community theatre) is busy getting things ready for the upcoming production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” Audrey II, the plant with attitude and appetite will be invading Holland College’s new Florence Simmons Performance Hall just in time for Halloween!  After days of auditions and an intensive round-table discussion,… RobAdmin 08/03/16 0
Wanted: advertising salesperson Are you a salesperson? We have a really good product to market ... It’s advertising in the theatre programme for Little Shop of Horrors ... and possibly a few special sponsorships. What we’re after is a member of the production team who can recruit about $1000 worth of advertisers or… RobAdmin 07/29/16 0
LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS Fantastic auditions last weekend—very strong people, for all parts ... a lot of talent and great enthusiasm. We have a session this Saturday (18th), mainly for a dance exercise for some auditioners. A few more people will audition on June 28th, and then the casting will get confirmed. We’ll be… RobAdmin 06/18/16 0
Little Shop of Horrors - Auditions Join Audrey II, the magnificently horrible plant which grows into a two-metre man-eater! 9 major roles and 15 other parts in a really fun comic musical. 10-minute audition: read a bit from the script + sing a prepared song (without accompaniment). Appointments have been going fast ... but there are… RobAdmin 06/02/16 0
Tech Director wanted River Clyde Pageant TD Job Description The River Clyde Pageant will be a moving, processional event, starting at the Little Victory Microfarm, on the East/South bank of the river in New Glasgow, and then moving, with the audience accompanying the performers on foot, through various scenes along the riverbank toward… RobAdmin 05/31/16 0
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