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Monday, April 02, 2012

Macbeth Casting Announcement

Terry Pratt, director, has announced the cast list for ACT’s September 2012 production of Macbeth in Robert Cotton Park, Stratford.

Dramatis Personae for MACBETH, Stratford PEI production

Duncan               David Bulger
Malcolm               Janaya Gallant
Macbeth               Richard Haines
Banquo               Keir Malone
Macduff               Rob Reddin
Ross                   Adam Gauthier
Fleance               Kassinda Bulger
Young soldier (= young Siward + messenger)     
                        Ian Byrne
Seyton                 Gerry Gray
Boy, son of Lady Macduff         TBA
Doctor                 Cyril Armstrong
Porter                 Justin Shaw
First murderer         Michael Joslin
Second murderer     Alex Morkunas

Lady Macbeth         Catherine MacDonald
Lady Macduff         Ashley Clark
Gentlewoman (Nurse to Lady Macbeth) 
                        Joanne Mawhinney
Witch 1               Quinby Barrows
Witch 2               Sara McCarthy
Witch 3               Kathleen Haines
Apprentice witches   Olivia Barnes,
                      Emma Russell Louder,
                      Lucy Morkunas

The three apprentice witches will be crowd control, will have some singing as they do so, and probably some given lines, either from the play or as if from the play.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Macbeth Audition Call

Auditions for the September production of Macbeth by ACT will be held March 24, 2012.  Contact

Audition Call for Macbeth
ACT (a community theatre) will be producing Macbeth, outdoors in Cotton Park, Stratford, September 6-8 and 13-15.  The play is being presented in conjunction with the Stratfords of the World 2012 reunion being held on Prince Edward Island.  There will be public performances September 6-8 and 13, and special performances on September 14 and 15 for delegates to the reunion.  Rehearsals will begin the first week of June and continue all summer.
The cast will include 14 men and 6 women.  Actors 18 and over are invited to audition.  Those who wish to audition are asked to read the play in advance.  If they wish they may also prepare a monologue from any of Shakespeare’s plays and take a copy of the monologue to the audition.
Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 24, all day.  Please e-mail: to book an audition time.  After March 4, you can also call 651-3612.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Read-Along Macbeth

ACT (a community theatre) will host a reading of Shakespeare’s Macbeth on February 15, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. in the Southport Room of the Stratford Town Centre, 234 Shakespeare Drive, Stratford.  Those attending will be invited to take turns reading various parts from an adapted script.

The script has been adapted for an upcoming production of Macbeth, out of doors in Robert Cotton Park, Stratford, in early September, 2012.

The director of the September show, Terry Pratt, adapted the script to better meet the challenges of staging the play’s scenes in various locations around Cotton Park.  Pratt and UPEI Theatre Studies Co-ordinator, Greg Doran, will be present on February 15 to coach readers on delivering the Bard’s lines.

The September production will include public performances on September 6-8 and 13, and special performances on September 14 and 15 for delegates to the Stratfords of the World Reunion 2012 being held in Stratford, PEI.  Auditions will be held in March.

Admission to Read-Along Macbeth is $2 to cover the cost of copying scripts and is free for ACT members.  ACT memberships will be available at the door, as will more information about the upcoming production.

For further information on the reading, contact: Heather Parry:

For further information on the September production, contact the producer, Bunty Albert:

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