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Monday, August 02, 2010

Community Theatre Appreciation Award 2010

Terry Pratt - honoured for many contributions to PEI theatre

At ACT’s Annual General Meeting on August 1, 2010, President Richard Haines presented the Community Theatre Appreciation Award to Terry Pratt.  For a photo, click on Gallery (top-right of this page) and choose ‘Award’.  Here’s what was said about ACT’s honouring Terry:

  From time to time during its history, ACT has given an award – call it ‘the community theatre appreciation award.’  We like to recognize a person or an organization who has made a major contribution to the life of community theatre on PEI.
  Sometimes it was an individual – for example, David Sherren who organized and directed Charlottetown Rural’s musicals, the Confederation Centre’s community Christmastime productions, and a number of ACT’s own productions in our early years ... and Mae Ames for all her work in various drama groups and her classes for youngsters.  Sometimes it has been an organization – for example, the Confederation Centre, The Buzz, and The Guardian – all of which played such a strong and on-going part in promoting amateur theatre.
The recipients are people who have done good things in several ways or fields or areas ... helping a number of theatre groups, with direct and ripple effects for lots of people in amateur theatre ... contributing again and again over the years.
Terry Pratt has done this—hugely.
• He has directed so many productions of various kinds, involving so many actors, singers, students, production people – at UPEI and with ACT.
  Think just of his major ACT productions: The School for Scandal, The Gondoliers, The Mikado, The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, Trial by Jury, Murder in the Cathedral.
• He led in taking ACT to a higher step with the G&S productions at the Confed Centre.
• He was imaginative and collaborative enough to reach out to do joint productions in fresh locations – Summerside Court House, Indian River, Beaconsfield.
• In administrative or organizational ways he has been a leader – as board member, president, treasurer, set construction – not just in ACT but in other theatre enterprises: UPEI, Theatre PEI, Community Theatre Festival, Victoria Playhouse.
• And he has been so generous in donations to theatre enterprises (such as to the Victoria Playhouse), and outstandingly, buying and maintaining a building for ACT’s use.
Community theatre on PEI would not be what it has been without Terry Pratt.

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