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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A theatrical project to consider …

Entertaining residents at a nursing home

We want to share theatre, right?  That’s part of community theatre.
So here’s a chance to do that.

Phil Matusiewisc — a man who has a long record of public service, and incidentally has been the superb photographer for our Community Theatre Festival — is now acting as the Administrator of the Atlantic Baptist Home.  He has put a request to us:
Could our theatrical community devise activities with which to visit the nursing home — particularly the ‘secure’ units where residents are mostly living with varying degrees of dementia.

• Such visits might be single-occasion, or on-going, with some degree of regularity (e.g. monthly, every second week).  It would be during the daytime, I gather.
• Preliminary examples:
- dramatic reading of short stories and poems
- short play reading
- game-like theatrical exercises (e.g. changing facial expressions, motions to show emotions)
- simple action songs
- acting out some scenes
- doing a short rehearsal of a play you’re preparing

The nurse in charge of coordinating resident care tells us that persons with dementia — at least many of them, most of the time — will be able to appreciate such activities, even if it’s only liking the rhythm of a poem, or having a good memory associated with a song, or getting a kick out of movement.  I suppose we would learn through trial and error what works best.

Have you got some ideas?  Think you might want to give it a try to see how it goes?
Send me a note or give me a call to talk about this.
Rob Thomson -  robthomson @, 902-628-6778

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A fine success!

PEI Community Theatre Festival 2018

  Saturday afternoon, March 17th at the Carrefour: what a great Community Theatre Festival it was.  It was enjoyed by the biggest audience we’ve ever had.
  Seven amateur groups presented a dandy variety of pieces: an amusing mystery, a gripping drama in French, a belly-laugh spoof of CBC-Compass, young people doing improv theatre games, excerpts of a new PEI musical, a fascinating look at family dynamics around Alzheimer’s, and colourful creations of Mi’kmaq legends.
  You can see the photos by clicking on ‘Gallery’ in the upper-right corner of the screen ... and scrolling down to click on ‘Community Theatre Festival 2018.’
  45 actors made it happen … 45 actors and an audience of about 225 ... and the front-of-house volunteers ... and our sponsors and contributors: Academy of Learning, The Buzz, Bluefield Realty, the dental clinic on Belvedere Ave; Watermark Theatre, Spotlight School of Arts and the Victoria Playhouse;Sobeys, Superstore and Foodland.
  Thanks to all for this fitting observance of World Theatre Day.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

2018 Community Theatre Festival

Saturday afternoon, March 17th - 1:00 to 5:00 - at the Carrefour
Here’s the 7-play line-up for this year’s Festival … What an afternoon of theatrical variety!

1:00 - The Murray Players -  “Any Body for Tea”
  A comedic melodrama: six ‘very-proper’ elderly spinsters find a novel way to lure an attractive homicide detective to visit them — a murder.  A play within a play, there is an unexpected and subtle twist at the very end.

1:45 - Nadine Salami & Friends - “Ma meilleure amie, ma meilleure ennemie”
  A ‘drama-comedy’ in French, featuring Rebecca Parent, Lise Morin and Veronica Jendrick.
  How toxic can your best friend or your mother’s ‘love’ be?  Scratch the veneer off and see what’s there.  Réfléchissez au côté plus sombre et plus complexe du soi et des relations dans les situations vulnérables.

2:30 - The Tracadie Players -  “News Mix at Six”
  A spoof of the Island’s familiar broadcast, with some recognizable characters (?Bryce Roomey and Bloomer Grant?) + a celebrity sighting.  What goes on behind the scenes at CBC-PEI … all en-Compassing!

3:10 - Spotlight School of Arts -  “Improv Fun!”
  Quick! spur-of-the-moment reactions to roles or suggestions as they are posed.  Surprises and laughs … Let the games begin.

3:45 - ACT (a community theatre)  -  “Rainbow Valley” (scenes)
  A sample of the romantic musical — adapted by Hank Stinson from the LM Montgomery novel — to be staged in November.  A story of the new minister, his ‘wild as the hills’ children, and the people they meet in PEI’s north-shore community where the past rules the present. Are some life-gifts a blessing or a curse?

4:15 - The Malcolm Murray Readers -  “Missing Mom” (scenes)
  A staged reading by a quartet of leading Island actors — Kathleen Hamilton, Rob MacLean, Barbara Rhodenhizer and Noah Nazim.  A man looks for his missing Mom, an Alzheimer patient, and instead finds an alternative missing Alzheimer Mom, whom he adopts.  A policeman intervenes, with unexpected result.  It’s a comedy, but it addresses the challenges of Alzheimer’s.

4:55 - Mi’kmaq Heritage Players   “Mi’kmaq Legends”
  A colourful finish: tales from the rich stock of Mi’kmaq culture, passed down from generation to generation, told with song and dance by the popular group which has given hundreds of performances here on Abegweit and away.

Drop in for a play or two or for the whole afternoon.  Doors open at 12:30.
A bargain: pay-what-you-will admission … Refreshments, too!
Info: robthomson @, 902-628-6778

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Thursday, March 01, 2018

French-speaking actresses

3 women actors/actrices

Wanted: 3 French-speaking actresses
… to be in the 25-minute play “Ma meilleure amie, ma meilleure ennemie.”
Characters: two aged around 30-40, and the third around 60.
Rehearsals beginning immediately … in preparation for the PEI Community Theatre Festival on Saturday, March 17th.
Contact Nadine Salami - n.n.salami @

On recherche: 3 actrices francophones
... d’être dans la pièce de 25 minutes “Ma meilleure amie, ma meilleure ennemie”.
Personnages: deux âgées d’environ 30-40 ans et la troisième environ 60 ans.
Les répétitions commencent immédiatement ... en préparation du Festival de théâtre communautaire de l’Î.-P.-É., le samedi 17 mars.
Contactez Nadine Salami - n.n.salami @

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