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Saturday, March 04, 2017


RAINBOW VALLEY - Sunday, 12 March, 7:00 pm

  ACT and Hank Stinson are hosting a reading of Hank’s new musical play Rainbow Valley at the Stinsons’ home - 14 Confederation Street (across from Ardgowan, the Parks Canada HQ) on Sunday evening, March 12th.
  Hank Stinson is the well-known actor who for years and years played several parts, including Matthew, in Anne of Green Gables - the Musical … as well as many other roles in various Charlottetown Festival productions.  He has been co-creator of several of the Main Stage music shows, and over the years has authored a number of plays.  He created one of ACT’s most delightful musical shows: The Blue Castle, based on the L.M. Montgomery novel.
  Now he has written (with composer Dean Burry) a musical derived from another LMM novel, Rainbow Valley.  Chronologically it was the seventh book in the series about Anne of GG.  Anne has been married to Gilbert for 15 years; they have six children.  However, the story is mainly about the family of the new neighbour, the widower-clergyman John Meredith … and there is a thread of love and marriage.
  Hank has connected with ACT to have a reading of the play, to hear how it sounds, with a view to possible adjustment and subsequent production.  We’ll be joining Hank himself and two of his well-known Festival colleagues, Charlotte Moore and Julain Molnar.

Want to take part in the reading?  Tell Noah Nazim, so that we’ll have an idea about numbers.  (902) 213-3798, noahnazim @

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