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Monday, January 23, 2017

Wanted: directors with plays

ACT is looking for potential directors and play proposals for 2017/18

  The Directors of Theatre for ACT are looking for directors who might want to stage an ACT theatre piece.
  ACT likes staging three or four productions a year, and loves to have a good variety of different kinds of theatre.  We’re now looking for shows for autumn 2017 and for 2018, and possibly even this spring (2017).
  Have you considered directing or producing a show?  Perhaps you have a favourite play which has been rolling around in your mind for some time, or maybe one just popped into your head.  We’re open to all kinds of production — big/medium/small … comedy, musical, quasi-improv, gripping drama, mystery, slice-of-life, political satire, romance, family-friendly or avant-garde/mature.  We can help develop a formal proposal to get authorization from the Board of Directors of ACT, and can if necessary help to recruit key production team-members.
  So what do you say?  Would you give it some thought, and perhaps get together with us over a cup of coffee or glass of something to talk over some ideas?  Hope so!
Information/contact: robthomson @; eslkatie1 @

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Dining Room

Scores of scenes, dozens of characters portray a vanishing class

In February 2017, ACT (a community theatre) will offer a unique theatre experience. Directed by Terry Pratt, The Dining Room will take audience members on a journey through various decades of the 20th century and give them glimpses of upper-middle-class, North American WASP family life, as depicted in short scenes that share a common setting: a dining room.

A.R. Gurney’s play presents a perspective on a vanishing – or indeed, perhaps now completely vanished – social class. While privileged and pretentious, it is one that is also loyal and loving, placing great value on the rituals of eating and talking as a family and holding family councils. The audience will be welcomed into that intimate setting and will witness the intricacies of life in various eras throughout the 20th century.

Another exciting element about the play is the fact that six actors will play 55 characters – that’s eight to ten characters per actor. This poses both a challenge for the actors and a treat for audience members, as they watch familiar faces transform from scene to scene. For ACT newcomer Suzanne Wilkie, one such challenge is remembering that nothing we see is arbitrary and that each scene is “the most important, the most vibrant” in any given character’s life. “Otherwise,” she says, “why would we be showing this snapshot?” Every scene treats the audience to pivotal, intimate moments ordinarily hidden from view.

Performances will be at Le Carrefour Theatre, 2 Acadian Drive, Charlottetown on February 17 and 18 at 7:30pm and February 18 at 2:00 pm, as well as at the Haviland Club, 2 Haviland Street, Charlottetown, on February 4th for a matinee at 2pm   Tickets are available on
ACT will also stage the play in individual homes in the style of “chamber” theatre – sure to be an immersive experience for those in attendance;  these performances have already sold out.
Visit the blog for backgrounders:
For further information or follow up, please contact
Publicist: Kathryn Nazim:, or
Producer: Bunty Albert:

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