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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS this weekend - two special features!

  Little Shop of Horrors is the perfect musical comedy for Hallowe’en-time — a total eclipse of the sun; the mysterious Audrey II, the plant with attitude and appetite; a Faustian deal with the devil; the plant’s diet of blood; a sadistic leather-jacketed dentist who dies of laughing gas.
  As a sort of Hallowe’en celebration, ACT (a community theatre) is offering two special features for the performances this Saturday and Sunday.
  There is a special family ticket bargain for the two matinees (2:30 on Saturday and Sunday).  The charge for children 14 and under will be just $10.  They need to be accompanied by an adult, since the show is considered to have a PG10 rating.  That special price is available only at-the-door (which is cash only).
  The second special feature is literally a treat: anyone who wears a Hallowe’en costume (without mask) to any one of the Saturday or Sunday performances (whether evening or matinee) will get a candy treat.
  Little Shop of Horrors plays this weekend, October 27th to 30th, at the Florence Simmons Performance Hall of Holland College (Weymouth Street in downtown Charlottetown).
  Tickets are $28 or $25 (senior, student, limited income), and are available in three ways: at; from the theatre’s box office (Weymouth St) 902-894-6885; or at the door (cash only).
  Information: 902-628-6778,

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS - 4 days till Opening Night

Performance Week!

  This is it.  We’re moving into the theatre … the set gets assembled; the lights get focused; the sound gets checked; the props get placed … dress rehearsal Wednesday … then Thursday, 27 October: opening night!
  ACT is mounting an amazing production — a witty sci-fi spoof as musical comedy, with some serious under-themes of abuse and quiet desperation in the lives of ordinary people.  The acting is professionally strong; the singing and dancing are exciting and fun; the set literally blossoms … and Audrey II, the astonishing man-eating plant, will steal the show.  No wonder there’s such momentum in ticket sales.
  The theatre itself is a draw — this is the first big theatrical production in the beautiful new Florence Simmons Performance Hall at Holland College’s downtown campus (Weymouth Street in Charlottetown).
  Five performances: evenings (7:30) of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, plus matinees (2:30) on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s perfect entertainment for the Hallowe’en weekend.  In fact the Saturday and Sunday shows feature a fun bonus: wear a Hallowe’en costume (without mask) and you get a candy treat.
  Tickets are $28/25, at or at Holland College’s box office (weekdays 10 to 5) - 902-894-6885.  Info: call 902-628-6778

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS - 5 days till Opening Night

What a show this is

  I’ve just come home from watching a rehearsal of Little Shop of Horrors — the first time with costumes.  What a delight!
  I can’t get over how professionally polished the show is.
  Most of our publicity has featured Audrey II as the star of the show, and there’s no question that she/he/it is fascinating.  Thea and Thomas, Laura and Justeann, Charles, Greg and Kevin make this creature live, and the audience will love it.
  But I’ve got to say how utterly impressed I am with the strength of the cast and band.  The instrumental music is great — nice going, Rowan.  The Ronnettes (Lindsay, Alexandra and Jenna Marie) rival the Supremes.  Rich’s Mushnik is a perfect sleaze.  Steve/Seymour and Robyn/Audrey are wonderfully comic, but they have an emotional depth which surprised me.  And Noah’s Orin made me both laugh and clench my teeth tightly.  And my gosh, the Company of Street People — what a gang of talented singer-dancers: the big numbers are superb.  Morgan has to be very proud of the dancing; Owen and Marti must feel so good about the singing.  And Peter, of course — what a creation.
  It’s not just a fun musical comedy, I’m realizing: the acting, from leads to chorus to animate plant is really, really good.  We’ve got excellent theatre going on here.  Can’t wait for opening night on Thursday!

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Saturday, October 15, 2016


FLASH: Tickets now available at Florence Simmons Box Office

There’s a choice now for getting Little Shop of Horrors tickets
  The newly opened Florence Simmons Box Office is now offering ticket purchases either in person or by phone.  This is in addition to online purchase at
  The Box Office is located just inside the main entrance to the Performance Hall of Holland College on Weymouth Street in Charlottetown.  It is open weekdays from 10:00 till 5:00 o’clock.  The telephone number is 902-894-6885.  Tickets are $28 and $25, a portion of which contributes to a scholarship fund.
  Little Shop of Horrors is staged by ACT (a community theatre) at the beautiful new Florence Simmons Performance Hall — a Hallowe’en play for the Hallowe’en weekend, October 27th to 30th: evening shows (7:30) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, plus matinees (2:30) on both Saturday and Sunday.  It’s the famous musical comedy with the voracious plant, which sings and dances along with a cast of almost 30 and a pit-band playing a range from rock-n-roll to tender ballad.  This is a fun show, suitable for youngsters at a level of about PG10.  The Saturday and Sunday shows will be even more fun: wear a Hallowe’en costume (without mask) and you’ll get a candy treat.
Information: 902-628-6778 robthomson @

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Sunday, October 09, 2016


Little Shop of Horrors—with candy!

  It’s the perfect Hallowe’en show: Little Shop of Horrors.  More than just costumes, it has a scary plant that grows from an almost cuddly seedling into a malevolent monster that measures two metres tall and eats people.  The show is a great sci-fi spoof, full of comedy and good music.
  And there’s a sweet bonus.  Kids (young and old) who come to the Saturday and Sunday performances in a Hallowe’en costume (but no mask) will get a candy treat.  It’s good Hallowe’en fun.  (Suggested audience: PG 10)
  ACT’s five performances of Little Shop of Horrors are presented at the beautiful new Florence Simmons theatre of Holland College, from the 27th to 30th of October: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings (7:30) plus matinees (2:30) on Saturday and Sunday.  The treats are a bonus for the Saturday evening and both afternoon shows.
  Tickets ($28 and $25) are sold online at  There is no HST charge.  A portion of the price is contributed to Holland College’s Florence Simmons Scholarship fund.  Some tickets may be available at the door (if there is not a sell-out).
  Information: 902-628-6778, robthomson @

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