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Monday, September 22, 2014

Six Playwrights for November’s Plays in a Day

ACT (a community theatre) is thrilled to announce the names of the six (6!)playwrights for its November 8 production of ‘Plays in a Day.”

They are: Ellen Carol, Gordon Cobb, Benton Hartley, Melissa Heald, JJ Steinfeld, and Don Wright.  I will be highlighting one writer every few days over the next two weeks.

Ellen Carol has been writing poetry and music her entire life. She has released four music cds, three solo and one with her band Sammy, and a collection of poetry: Rosy and a Rock Star Hit the Road.  Most of her storytelling has stemmed from her travel experiences and the book of poetry was written when she drove from Vancouver to Costa Rica with a friend. “When I am able to take something real and tweak it a little to make it a bit fantastic, that is when the hilarity ensues. But knowing when to embellish and when to leave it as is…that is the trick that I am still, and I think will always be learning.”

Currently Ellen is working on writing her musical Rebuilding as well as honing her acting skills. “I think the more that I participate in delivering other people’s words and see how they work on stage, the better I will become at writing in a way that can take the audience out of themselves and for a moment be a part of something magical.”  Ellen played a feisty Imogen in ACT’s recent production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

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