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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

101’s of Theatre Costuming and Make-up Workshop

Have you always wondered how actors on stage can look so much older than they really are and how is it possible to clothe so many people for one theatre performance? Well now is your chance to take an inside look! ACT (a community theatre) is coordinating two workshops that will show you the how-to’s of theatre make-up and costuming.

The costume workshop will be taught by Karyn MacPhee, the head of wardrobe for The Confederation Centre of the Arts since in the beginning of Anne of Green Gables in 1972.  She was worked on hundreds of theatre shows, tours and musicals and also owns her own costume and tuxedo business, ‘Costumes-by-Chance’.  With Karyn’s guidance, she will show students a tour behind the scenes of the Confederation Centre and take them to the wardrobe room where she will teach to 101’s of theatre costuming.  This includes how to properly measure an actor, theatre timelines, a sewing tutorial and even a few fun sewing projects!

“There are not many younger sewers coming up the ranks in PEI, and those working now will face retirement soon. I am willing to work with students to help them hone their skills because there is a need for experienced people to pass on their skills to the next generation.”

The stage make-up workshop will be taught by Savannah Belsher-MacLean.  She is a professional artist who specializes in makeup for high resolution photography and film and earned her makeup artistry certification in 2003.  She has worked for CBC, TSN, CTV, the Family Channel, and her artistry has been featured in short films, corporate campaigns, and local fashion runways. Most commonly, you find her work on beautiful faces of PEI’s brides and bridal parties.  Savannah will be teaching simple basics for men and women, stage make-up kit essentials, aging and special effects, plus much more! 

We are looking for people of all ages including men.  These workshops would be ideal if you are looking to learn more about theatre, if you are interested in acting, or if you just like make-up and fashion. 

Costume Workshop: March 17th-2pm @ Confederation Centre of the Arts, 145 Richmond St.
Stage Make-up Workshop: April 28th-12pm @ Savannah’s Studio, 162 Richmond Street, Suite #19
Price of individual workshops: $10 General/$8 for ACT members.  Bundle Price for both workshops: $18 General/ $15 for ACT members.
Sign-up is required to attend these workshops and you can email or call Ranee Weselak @ 902-316-1596 or

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Proposal Form for an ACT production

Here is the general format you should follow when proposing a production to ACT (a community theatre)

Proposal for ACT Production

Proposer’s Name:

Name of Intended Production:

When do you propose to mount this?

Where [Venue(s)]?

How many performances?

Have you checked re availability of the venue(s)?

What is the seating capacity?

Do you have a producer / production coordinator?

Are there other members of the production team in place? Please identify.
What is the cast breakdown M / F? Age range?

Do rights need to be secured?

If so, have you made preliminary inquiries about securing the rights?

What motivated you to choose this play? (5 or 6 lines)

What will motivate folks to attend? (e.g., hit musical-JCSS, chance to beat the
winter blahs- Tenor, focus on ovarian cancer-Wit)

What do you foresee that the challenges might be? (e.g., only 50 seats available
in venue, 25 males in cast, costume heavy)

Have you read (and perhaps discussed with those involved) the ‘post-mortem’ reports from one or more previous ACT productions ... so as to get a sense of some of the factors of success and difficulty experienced in shows comparable to the one you are proposing?

What is the ball-park budget – what are some of the estimated expenses for rights?  theatre costs? Costumes? Lighting? Sets and props? Music?

Budget Estimates
Theatre Rental (inc. tech time/costs)

Total Costs        

Revenue Estimates

Contact Information:

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