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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

2013 PEI Community Theatre Festival

Now’s the time to be thinking about your play!


  PEl’s Community Theatre Festival is putting the call out for plays for April 6th, 2013.  Because of UNESCO World Theatre Day landing on the Easter weekend, the Festival is moving to the following Saturday, April 6th.
  The invitation is for short plays and/or excerpts with a 40-minute maximum running time.  All age groups are encouraged; there are usually seniors groups, children and young people, university students, and community groups participating.
  This is a showcase for true community theatre—a chance to rub shoulders with other amateur actors and volunteers and to perform beyond the usual home audience.  This is for any group, young or old, large or small doing amateur theatre (not-for-profit, for the fun of it).
  Constructive feedback will be offered after each performance by Adjudicator Wade Lynch and there will be awards to recognize achievement.  During rehearsal time each group is offered directorial and production advice by a visiting mentor if desired.
  Each participating group is responsible for all aspects of its play: rights, costumes, props, light/sound design, special effects, transportation, etc.  A technician will be available for the technical rehearsal early on the day of performance for each player-group to make specific plans.  There is no charge for taking part.
  The Festival Committee, with the support of ACT (a community theatre), invites those interested to make contact for further information or to express intent.  The contacts are: Ruth Lacey - rlacey688@gmail.com, 675-4282 or Kate Martin - eslkatie@yahoo.ca, 892-4384.
Participation needs to be confirmed by January 15th.

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