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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is theatre worth applauding


I have just returned home from one of the best nights of theatre I’ve seen on this Island in 10 years.

Anyone else who had the pleasure of taking in tonight’s (Friday) performance of Evita by ACT knows exactly what I’m talking about. From the moment the first actor arrived on stage to the final curtain two and a half hours later, I was taken in by the entire production. Every element, from staging to costumes to the orchestra, was absolutely bang on. Not to mention the totally convincing performances from every single cast member.

I hope each of the 100-plus people involved in this production takes another bow when they read this. You certainly deserve it. Three cheers for community theatre. We have many, many talented storytellers amongst us.

Kelly Mullaly,

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Evita left our spirits soaring



Congratulations to ACT on their truly magnificent production of Evita. The principals were simply superb with immaculate timing and mellifluous voices. The company gave us delightfully detailed and concentrated work which brought out all aspects of the emotion, turmoil and public fascination with the amazing life of Eva Peron.

Mark Ramsay, Shirley Anne Cameron and Julia Sauve deserve our gratitude for setting a standard to which all productions should aspire.

The very clever settings, lighting choreography and costumes delighted the eye.

Altogether a wonderful evening reminding us of the magic of musical theatre, after a steady diet of musical revues on the mainstage.

The production left our spirits soaring with Eva and the angel.

M. Raymond Moore

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Friday, March 27, 2009

EVITA Sells Out Closing night

Evita played to a sell out crowd on Saturday night. Total for the three nights was 2,930 which was 92.7% of the tickets available.

For a hint of what you missed, please check out our Evita production pictures the the gallery!

- Gerry

Posted by Gerry Gray on 03/27 at 08:06 AM
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Monday, March 09, 2009

ACT (what’s in a name)

Why do I care?

• Co-founder
• President for initial five years
• Compiler of original Constitution and By-laws
• Member of Board of Directors for initial ten years

My first thoughts about an organized community theatre group here on PEI were in 1993 during rehearsals for Theatre PEI’s production of Blue Castle. Someone commented on how wonderful it was to be doing something with like minded people and the observation was strongly endorsed. Can you imagine… not having to pretend an interest in or knowledge of hockey / football / curling, in order to have a conversation? Just kidding. But it really was wonderful!  I asked why there wasn’t an organized community theatre group in Charlottetown. No one answered.

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Viva Eva!

  Some good seats are still available, but the‘Orchestra A’ section of the Confederation Centre has almost entirely been sold for the three performances of EVITA.  It plays the Main Stage on March 26, 27 and 28.
  This is the blockbuster musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice which most of us know from the Madonna movie and its signature hit “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”.  It’s the story of Eva Peron.
  She pulled her way up through soap-opera and ‘B’ movies to political, social and spiritual power.  She burned out at 33.  Despite popular adoration, a military junta banned her name, and her preserved body disappeared for a decade and a half.  The elite dismissed her as a cheap opportunist ... the masses revered her as a saint.
  This is a come-to-life legend – pulsing with music and passionate dance, vibrant costume and the exotic setting of Buenos Aires.  Astonishing woman ... magnificent show.
  Tickets: $22 and $20 at the Confederation Centre Box Office 566-1267 1-800-565-0278 www.peipresents.com

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