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Friday, January 28, 2005

TNB Invites You to Mary’s Wedding

Award Winning Play Kicks off 2005
All of New Brunswick is invited to Mary’s Wedding, TNB’s first production of 2005.  This multi-award winning play by Alberta playwright Stephen Massicotte opens January 28th and tours the province until February 13th.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Indian River Festival Seeking Applications for Executive Director

As General Manager of this summer music festival, the Executive Director will effectively lead and manage the Festival, critically and objectively examine each aspect of the operation on an ongoing basis, determining short-term needs and goals in relation to its strategic plan. The Executive Director will work with the Board and Festival Committees in drafting and implementing all financial planning for the festival, programming, marketing and administration. The Executive Director will be responsible for funding and grant applications, developing the Festival Membership program, community and corporate fundraising, staffing and volunteers, and liaison with the artists for the summer program.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Chemainus Theatre Festival Young Company Program

The Chemainus Theatre Festival is accepting applications for the position of Apprentice Stage Manager for their 2005-2006 Young Company Apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship dates: early May 2005 through June 2006.
Application deadline: April 15, 2005

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lend Me a Tenor


OK, imagine you’re the folks of ACT - a community theatre.  You’ve just put on what was probably the most talked-about, most phenomenally successful production the Island has seen in a long time - - �Jesus Christ Superstar.�  Sold out the Confederation Centre three nights in a row ... rave reviews ... hundreds and hundreds of people urging you to do it again.  So what do you do now?

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Clown Master Philippe Gaulier to Teach in Halifax

Zuppa Circus Theatre, in association with Theatre Nova Scotia in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is pleased to announce a workshop in Character Work led by internationally acclaimed clown master, Philippe Gaulier.  The workshop will be held from August 2-23, 2005, Monday-Friday from 10 am - 3pm.  The workshop will take place in Halifax. During M.Gaulier’s last visit to Halifax in 2002, he taught a three-week long workshop in Clown to students from across Canada and the USA.

The 2005 Halifax workshop will be Character Work.  Each student will be assigned a costume before the class. Through these costumes, scene work, improvisation and writing exercises the class will spend three weeks discovering which characters they are drawn toward.  “In this class we will discover that playing a character means giving what the audience needs in order to continue dreaming about the character, and not an ounce more than this. An ounce more would break the charm and everything would fall back onto the ground again in reality, in a thousand pieces. Students often play too much, so much that they lose their aura, their charm, their soul” (from

Philippe Gaulier is a world-renowned teacher/writer and director with a distinctive approach to the world of performance. Currently based in Paris, France he runs his own international theatre school, �cole Philippe Gaulier, where, each year, he welcomes students from up to 36 different countries. Founded twenty-four years ago, it continues to produce enriched theatre artists that take their craft back to their many corners of the world. Theatre artists that have trained with M. Gaulier include Oscar-winning actors Geoffrey Rush (Shine), and Roberto Benigni (Life is Beautiful), Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility), Helena Bonham-Carter (Fight Club / Big Fish) and the very popular satirist Ali-G.  London’s internationally acclaimed, cutting-edge theatre company Complicit�, under the direction of Simon McBurney and Marcello Magni, was founded on and guided by the principles at the heart of Philippe Gaulier’s teachings.  Philippe Gaulier does not teach a style of theatre, but an approach to theatre that allows an actor to find his or her own style. Gaulier’s approach, puts a great emphasis on character development; however, play creation, writing and directing are also fundamental aspects of Gaulier’s belief in giving birth to unique creative artists.

For more information on the workshop or to request a registration form, please contact Zuppa Circus Theatre at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or call 902-489-9872. Also, look at photos from the 2002 workshop at

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Friends at CBC Repeat Request for Assistance

Dear Gerry:

Over 1,000 messages asking Paul Martin to invest in a new CBC with strong grassroots have been received by the Prime Minister’s Office since my note to you last week.

That’s a real achievement and a loud signal, but the move in Ottawa to cut is strong.  And, there is another reason why it’s more important than ever that we take action now.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Project Management Training now available in Charlottetown!

Would you like to learn some tools and techniques that will help you make your next creative venture more successful?  Project Management methodologies are used in several sectors and they have been proven to be effective, regardless of the type of project.  This is not a rigid philosophy. Project Management can be adapted for a number of environments so while you are learning how to make things go more smoothly on your next show, if you have another profession or are considering one, this training could help advance your other career.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Feast of Stephen

Hank Stinson and Hedi Jury in a musical evening with Stephen Leacock

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Fools at the Jubilee

Theatre group launches inaugural season with Neil Simon comedy

The new Jubilee Players (formerly the Kensington Theatre Company) starts its inaugural season with a light-hearted production of Neil Simon?s 1981 comedy, Fools. The performance will take place on January 22, 28 & 29 at 8 pm at the Harbourfront Jubilee Theatre.

<a >cusco-lama.jpg</a>

The new Jubilee Players (formerly the Kensington Theatre Company) starts its inaugural season with a light-hearted production of Neil Simon?s 1981 comedy, Fools. The performance will take place on January 22, 28 & 29 at 8 pm at the Harbourfront Jubilee Theatre.

The play takes place in the cursed Ukrainian village of Kulyenchikov, where for two hundred years every villager has suffered the curse of absolute and unremitting stupidity. Not just mere stupidity, we?re talking DUM here. Snetsky (Sandra Sheridan), the town shepherdess not only can?t find two dozen sheep, she can?t even find her own first name.

Into this village of fools comes Leon Tolchinsky (Terry Foster), an idealistic young school teacher, who rushes in like a Peace Corp poster boy to save the village from the curse (or, as the villagers invariably call it ?the nurse, no the purse??). Leon is lured to the village by a totally misspelled advertisement placed by the town?s intellectual, Dr. Zubritsky (Thane Clarke) and his wife (Elaine Chessman), to educate the doctor?s daughter, Sophia (Angie Brighty) and rid the village of its curse. Leon, of course, falls madly in love with this damsel sporting the IQ of a cabbage.

With one day, ?25 hours? according to the villianous Duke Yousekevitch (Vernon Campbell) to accomplish this or fall victim to the curse himself, Leon struggles to raise Sophia from a young woman who has mastered the art of sitting, to a Grade 1 mathematics wiz. With veteran performers Grace Jenkins, Roy Young, Albert Gaudet and Don Purich as the village idiots, this production is sure to delight.

This is vintage Simon schtick. One liners and gags, spoken and visual, fly with the frequency of bullets from a Gatling Gun. A sort of Borscht Belt-Brigadoon, this hilarious, laugh-until-your-stomach-aches-comedy is perfect family entertainment. Created by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of hits such as The Odd Couple, Brighton Beach Memoirs and Lost in Yonkers. WCBS-TV says, Fools has been described as the brightest, funniest, wittiest, warmest and happiest show on Broadway.

Tickets available by calling the Harbourfront Jubilee Theatre box office at 902-888-2787 or 1-800-708-6505.

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Arts Guild Renovations Questionnaire and News

Renovations are set to begin!

As many of you are already aware, the Board of Ars Longa Inc. has very recently been able to confirm a major capital improvement funding commitment from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).  With ACOA in place, coupled with existing funding commitments from Canada Heritage, the Ars Longa Board is now in a position to proceed with plans to improve the Arts Guild building.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

National Theatre School One Month Curtain Call!

Only 30 days left to apply to the “National Theatre School of Canada”

Only 30 days left to apply to the “National Theatre School of Canada”
The National Theatre School has made its mark as one of the few conservatory-type institutions in the world that unite all the theatre disciplines under one roof. Located in Montreal, the NTS offers training in set and costume design, technical production, playwriting, directing and acting, in both English and French.

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Friends at CBC Request Assistance

Dear Gerry:

FRIENDS has learned that the federal government is poised to announce a new round of budget cuts, despite its $9 billion surplus.  CBC is a target, even though two House of Commons Committees—Finance and Heritage—have called for increased stable funding for CBC.

Unless we act now, CBC could suffer yet another in a long line of funding cuts that have taken a tremendous toll, especially at the grassroots.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Writing Classes in Montague

New this Winter

Writing classes for both experienced and emerging writers are being held at the Bella Novella bookstore in Montague this winter. Led by author and writing coach Kathleen Hamilton, the classes will be held on Monday evenings, 6:30 to 9:30 pm, from January 24 to Feb 28.

“The classes are for anyone who wishes to write with more confidence and ease, whether they write plays, poems or business plans,” says Hamilton.

For more information or to register for writing classes in Montague this winter, call Kathleen Hamilton at 838-3576.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Theatre Listing 2005 is here!

Your guide to professional theatres and rental facilities across Canada

The Theatre Listing 2005 is comprised of detailed contact information for 340 professional theatres, theatre rental facilities, and key government departments and organizations across Canada.  Published by the PACT Communications Centre, this is an annually updated, print directory that has become a staple reference tool for producers, playwrights, actors, designers and other theatre professionals, as well as for students, agents, arts service organizations and more.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

“Volunteering Matters” Community School Courses

“Volunteering Matters” will be offered at selected Community Schools across PEI from January - March. Topics include recruiting volunteers, meetings, working with the media, event organization, money matters and more! Courses run for 10 weeks.  Great opportunity for your members to practice skills and get new ideas!

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