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Friday, November 07, 2003

Welcome to the Murder in the Cathedral Forum!

This is the forum for ACT’s production of Murder in the Cathedral…

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Gala Evening at Beaconsfield Carriage House


Come and join us for an evening of fine music showcasing our newly-purchased 1927 Knabe grand piano. The evening will feature classical, folk and light jazz music performed by a talented cast of Island musicians. There will also be a silent auction, the kickoff of our 88-Key Campaign and a piano ribbon cutting ceremony.
All proceeds directly benefit our Piano Fund .
Saturday, November 8 at 8pm
Beaconsfield’s Carriage House
Performers include: Keith Baglole, Anne Bergstrom, Emily Hanlin, John MacPhee, Jacqueline Sorensen, Dale Sorensen and Nick Whelan
$10 adult and $8 student and senior
Call Beaconsfield at 368-6603 for reservations.

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Monday, November 03, 2003

Booking Production Space

The Confederation Centre has been contacted to see if the mainstage would be available either the first week in November 2004, or the third week. James Aylward informed me that the Centre was in the midst of planning productions of their own (that they are presenting in co-operation with other theatres in the Maritimes). As he does not know when these shows will take place, the Centre cannot accept bookings at this time. He will be attending a meeting in Halifax on November 22 and should be able to give us an anxswer shortly thereafter.

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ACT May Have Building and Storage Space

The owner of the Beach Street warehouse has come down in his asking price, so I am going to buy it—IF I can get permission from the city to use it for our purposes, which, of course, are not residential ones on a residential street.  This permission is likely to be granted, since the property has not been used as a residence for the last 30 years, and the building itself could not possibly be converted into a residence. 

The process takes about a month, and begins with a full disclosure on my part of what we would use the property for.  To that end, I ask you to brainstorm, and send me all possible things you think we might do in that building (well, all possible THEATRE things).  I intend to be completely up front about it all, and thus, when permission is granted, the guns of the unpleasant neighbour (who, I think, will come round in any case, when he gets to know us, and also sees that I will ‘pretty-up’ the building to make it fit more innocuously into its surroundings) will be spiked.  So please, send me your thoughts.  Especially, what are the things that we might do there that would make NOISE?

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Indian River Festival and ACT to Produce Murder in the Cathedral

Indian River Festival partners with ACT to produce TS Eliot’s ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ in August 2004 and ACT will also produce JC Superstar in November.

The Indian River Festival has decided to partner with ACT to produce Murder in the Cathedral next summer at St. Mary’s Church, any time after their last concert, which is August 22 (leaving one more weekend before Labour Day weekend).  The show will be fully included in their publicity and program as a special feature of this coming summer’s offerings.  Mary Crane, the President, is quite excited by the whole prospect; she is also the choir director at St. Mary’s.

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Board / Executive Minutes Oct 26/03

Minutes of October 26/03 Executive/Board Meeting

Present:  Jennifer Shields (chair), Emily Hanlin, Greg Hughes, Sophia Wong, Terry Pratt, Gerry Gray, Andrew Mann, Carl Mathis, Brenda Porter (recorder)

Regrets:  Janet MacDonald

1. Additions to Agenda
It was agreed that a presentation by Allie McCrady be the first item.

Proposal for Jesus Christ Superstar
Allie McCrady discussed the proposal for a November production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  He would stage direct and Shirley Cameron would be musical director, auditions to be held in the late spring of 2004, leads to begin rehearsing over the summer, and chorus rehearsals to begin in September.  Allie was thanked for his presentation.  Discussion was held re the Confederation Centre venue and the possibility of Summerside performance. 
It was moved by Brenda and seconded by Andrew that approval in principle be given for the production, final approval to be considered upon presentation of the preliminary budget in January.  Motion carried (one abstention).
Action item:  The production team will present a rough budget for the January meeting.
2. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the September 28 minutes were reviewed.  It was moved by Andrew and seconded by Sophia that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes
Ad Copy
Jennifer reported that Kate Westphal would charge $10 per ad if no change required and $30 if change required.  It was moved by Carl and Seconded by Sophia that Kates offer be accepted and that the need for changes would be considered on an ad hoc basis.  Motion carried. 
Action Item:  Carl will forward the symphony ad to Kate for reference and Gerry will forward her a former ad.

Publicity Person
Action Item:  Gerry will ask Valerie Moore whether she would fill this role.

Emily reported that membership information is in this months Buzz.

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