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Monday, January 21, 2019

12 Angry Women - Actor profiles

The first in a series of pieces to introduce the cast

Nancy MacNevin - Juror #11

  Nancy MacNevin saw the movie “12 Angry Men” on TV many years ago.  She was struck by the raw emotions, the back-and-forth of conflicting opinions, and the variety of characters as a reflection of a diverse society.  “That’s why I wanted to audition for 12 Angry Women,” she says.

  Nancy downplays her theatrical experience, but she is hardly a novice.  A high-school teacher in the Philippines got her to compete in the annual declamation contest.  She took first place with an emotional piece about a blind girl lamenting her family’s suffering under the Japanese occupation.  She won again next year, and twice more at university.  Then, cast in a play as an old maid, she was chosen Best Supporting Actress and given an Honorary Award in a Supporting role.  Fast forward to 2016 here on PEI: she got into ACT as the Chinese lady vendor and chorus singer in “Little Shop of Horrors”.

  Nancy’s home life includes TV drama (“to enrich my acting — accents, for instance”); the Bible (“for the inner me”); some knitting … “and the summer months are spent on the golf course.”
  Juror #11 stands out from the other members in being an immigrant.  She comes, it seems, from a repressive east-European regime, and so takes her juror’s role in a democratic justice system as a responsibility and an honour.  Nancy hopes that the audience will take a lesson from this play about being judgemental: that prejudice, generalization and narrow personal experience should not warp decision-making, especially in the judicial setting.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Community Theatre Festival

Looks like a fine line-up for March 30

  Preparations for the 2019 Community Theatre Festival have shifted into a higher gear.  At least a half-a-dozen groups have indicated their intent to participate, and we know that several are already rehearsing.

  Finalization of the line-up will come later, but as of mid-January it looks like we’ll have:
• More Mi’kmaq Legends
• A stand-up comedy revue
• A belly-laugh satiric skit
• A absurdist philosophical comedy
• Staged reading of a tale based on Homer’s Odyssey
• Mischievous improv
• An original comedy set atop the Tower of Babel

  And here’s one we’ve already previewed.  Students in Frances Squire’s class at Birchwood Intermediate School have themselves written and blocked a play about the pressures of teen life.  Kate Martin and Rob Thomson recently visited the school for a sort of workshopping of the piece, and gave some mentoring advice.  They found that even in its developing stages, it is quite dramatic.

  The short (½ hour or less) plays will run on the big stage of The Carrefour throughout the afternoon of Saturday, March 30th.
Information:  robthomson @ pei.sympatico.ca

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

12 Angry Women (plus one not-so-angry)

The jury has been chosen …

  The dozen parts in 12 Angry Women have been cast.  Auditions were held at the very end of December.  Almost thirty strong actors came out, and Director Terry Pratt, along with Producer Richard Haines and Stage Manager Sharon MacDonald, found it very challenging to make the selections.  The choices had to be made not only on the basis of acting ability, but with a view to presenting a broad range of character types — appearances of age, socio-economic background and such.  Tough as the casting was, the result is impressive, and it promises a great show.
  Here is the line-up, the twelve women who will be locked in the pressure-cooker of a 1950s New York City jury room:
Foreman: Pamela Rowe
Juror #2: Justeann Hansen
Juror #3: Laura Stapleton
Juror #4: Barbara Rhodenhizer
Juror #5: Tamara Steele
Juror #6: Jennifer Shields
Juror #7: Jenna Marie
Juror #8: Catherine MacDonald
Juror #9: Kate Martin
Juror #10: Margaret Brady
Juror #11: Nancy MacNevin
Juror #12: Robyn MacDougald
  Oh … about that ‘not-so-angry one’:  that’s the court Guard, and she will be played by the versatile Stage Manager, Sharon MacDonald.
  Notice that the play doesn’t give these people names — only numbers.  Without a conventional name-tag, they must create their identities by developing their character through dialogue and pure acting prowess.
  ACT’s production of 12 Angry Women will be staged in late April/early May in Charlottetown, North Rustico, Summerside and Georgetown.
Information: follow ACT’s website or Facebook page, or get in touch with Publicist Rob Thomson (robthomson @ pei.sympatico.ca)

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Monday, December 03, 2018

Reminder: Auditions for 12 Angry Women

Good opportunity for women actors

ACT (a community theatre) will stage 12 Angry Women in the round at four Island venues April 26–May 10.  Rehearsals will begin in mid-February.  The play is an adaptation for an all-female cast by Reginald Rose and Sherman Sergel of Rose’s famous 12 Angry Men, set in a grubby, hot jury-room in New York in the 1950’s.  Adult women of all ages are required.  Auditions are Dec. 29, 10am-1pm, 2-4pm; Dec. 30, 2-5pm, 6-8pm.   For  audition expectations and a 20-minute time-slot, contact the producer, Richard Haines (12angrywomenact @ gmail.com).  For production information or a special audition before the holidays, contact the director, Terry Pratt (675-3672; tpratt @ upei.ca).

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Friday, November 23, 2018


9 roles for “Wake in the West” - Auditions Dec. 1

  The Benevolent Irish Society in partnership with ACT (a community theatre) is producing an Irish comedy, Wake in the West, on March 7-9th and March 12-14th, 2019.
The play will be staged at the Irish Hall on North River Road.
Auditions will be held on Saturday, December 1st from 1-4 PM at the Irish Hall.
  Please contact director, Paul Whelan, for an audition spot at 902-218-2391 or whelanp2013@gmail.com
  The play is set on the West Coast of Ireland in a country house on the outskirts of a small town. The play is a comedy that revolves around the will of Tom Healy, which has some unusual requests.
List of Characters
1. Tom Healy- Dead man in bed
2. Dr. John- Local doctor
3. Mary- Daughter of dead man- early 40’s
4. Joan- Next door neighbor- early 20’s
5. Margaret- Near neighbor- in her 50’s
6. Rose- An old woman- in her 80’s
7. Martin- Dead man’s son- in his 20’s
8. Barney- Margaret’s husband- late 50’s
9. Fr. Cassidy- Local priest
The BIS is hoping to revive the tradition of producing Irish plays as part of St. Patrick’s Week activities

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Sunday, November 11, 2018


Informal inter-active read-through of 12 Angry Women

Monday, 19 November at 6:30 pm - at Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca, 45 Queen Street in Charlottetown
Round-the-table reading of the play which will be staged by ACT (a community theatre) next spring.  It was a hugely popular film and stage production, and then was adapted from ‘Angry Men’ into ‘Angry Women’, which creates a fresh dynamic.  This is gripping jury-room drama about the ordinary people who must come to a life-or-death decision.  The reading is a good chance to get a preview and think about auditioning, but it’s of general interest and open to all who enjoy drama.
Information: Terry Pratt (675-3672; tpratt @ upei.ca)

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Opportunity for Women Actors

Late-December Auditions for 12 Angry Women

  When was the last time you saw a play with a dozen women players? (… and we’re not talking about a chorus-line of leggy dancers).  Come spring we’ll be seeing ACT’s staging of 12 Angry Women — which will actually feature thirteen female roles.
  The play is an adaptation by Reginald Rose and Sherman Sergel of Rose’s famous 12 Angry Men, which was a hugely popular film and stage production.  It is gripping jury-room drama — set in a grubby and steamy courthouse in New York in the 1950’s — about the ordinary people who together must come to a life-or-death decision.
  This is a fine opportunity for women who, Director Terry Pratt regrets, have too often not been chosen after a fine audition, simply because so many pieces of classic theatre favour male roles.
  “What wonderful variety 12 Angry Women offers,” says Pratt.  There are three larger roles, five medium, and a few fairly undemanding ones — but all of the actors are on stage working their characters throughout the entire play.
  There is wide scope for different character types.  In fact the authors purposefully set the jury up to reflect the diversity of our society — in terms of age, ethnic background, socio-economic and educational class, political leanings and so on.  And while one can’t confidently generalize, this play seems suited to demonstrate that these women express anger, aggression, and disagreement differently, and often more subtly, than ‘12 angry men’ might do.
  The drama will play over the two weeks of April 26 to May 10 at four Island venues — in intimate spaces in Summerside, North Rustico, Charlottetown and Georgetown.  “This is ideal for theatre-in-the-round,” says Director Terry Pratt:  “The jurors sit and move around a central table, and so, surrounded by the audience, there is a cockpit or sports-arena effect that heightens the intensity of the drama.”
  Rehearsals begin in mid-February.  There will be three a week, but they are carefully planned so that typically most players will not have to be at every rehearsal until the late stages of preparation.
  Auditions are during the Christmas holiday week: December 29th from 10am to 1pm and 2 till 4pm; December 30th from 2 to 5pm and 6 till 8pm.  For audition expectations and a 20-minute time-slot, contact the producer, Richard Haines at 12angrywomenact @ gmail.com.  Arrangements can be made, if necessary, for special audition timing before the holidays.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

AUDITIONS: 12 Angry Women

A dozen roles for women ... Auditions in late December

ACT (a community theatre) will stage 12 Angry Women in the round at four Island venues April 26–May 10.  Rehearsals will begin in mid-February.  The play is an adaptation for an all-female cast by Reginald Rose and Sherman Sergel of Rose’s famous 12 Angry Men, set in a grubby, hot jury-room in New York in the 1950’s.  Adult women of all ages are required.  Auditions are Dec. 29, 10am-1pm, 2-4pm; Dec. 30, 2-5pm, 6-8pm.   For  audition expectations and a 20-minute time-slot, contact the producer, Richard Haines (12angrywomenact @ gmail.com).  For production information or a special audition before the holidays, contact the director, Terry Pratt (675-3672; tpratt @ upei.ca).

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Time to think about the Community Theatre Festival 2019

  The PEI Community Theatre Festival will be held for 2019 on Saturday, March 30th.  It’s the Island’s annual celebration of World Theatre Day.
  It will be at the Carrefour in Charlottetown, filling the Saturday afternoon with a play running every ¾ of an hour or so, with a social time in-between performances.
  The Community Theatre Festival is a showcase for true community theatre—a great chance for scores of actors and off-stage production volunteers to perform beyond their usual home audience, to rub shoulders with and learn from one another and get constructive feedback.  Performers will be given helpful adjudication.  Previous mentors have been helpful people like Wade Lynch, Monique Lafontaine, Richard Haines and Laura Bird.  Participants will be presented with participation award mementoes, and there are refreshments for them, too.
  The Festival has grown in popularity since its resurgence in 2010.  Last year hundreds of audience-people dropped in, commonly to watch two or three of the seven performances—a fine mix of slapstick, intense drama, legend, musical, an original work in French, even some improv.  Photos can be seen on ACT’s website — www.actpei.ca … click on “Gallery” (upper-right corner) and scroll down to click on the “Community Theatre Festival” sections.
  Here’s what ‘Mister Theatre’ Wade Lynch has said about the Festival:
“The PEI Community Theatre Festival reminds me of why I went into theatre in the first place.  It is an inclusive, nurturing community experience … To hear stories told, sung and physicalized in English, French, Mi’kmaq and mime is how we build a stronger, welcoming, tolerant, safe and magical community.  I can’t wait for next year!”
  Now is the time organizers are inviting amateur (for-the-love-of-it) theatre groups to express interest and get working on a play.  What’s wanted are short plays or excerpts—no more than a half-hour—of any kind: comedy, improv, gripping drama, mystery, slice-of-life, political satire, musical, romance, family-friendly or avant-garde/mature.
  It can also be a fine opportunity for a group to preview or reprise a show they’ve developed for another presentation.
  So let the creative juices flow.  There’s plenty of time over the coming few months to get into performance mode.  Mentoring guidance is available on request.
  To get information and to express interest, contact Kim Johnston 902-569-8563, johnstonk @ hotmail.com; Kate Martin 902-892-4384, eslkatie1 @ gmail.com; or Rob Thomson 902-628-6778, robthomson @ pei.sympatico.ca.
  A group should signify its intention to participate by December 15th; then definite confirmation is needed by January 31st.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


New CBC Series

A new series created by Andrew Bush, Mark Little and Garry Campbell!
Synopsis: Cavendish is a half hour comedy about two bickering brothers returning to their hometown to
take care of their grumpy and ailing father, only to collide with the strange townsfolk and their even stranger
ROLLIE: MALE 50’s-60’s. Playing the father to Mark Little and Andrew Bush. SERIES LEAD!
RUTH: FEMALE 50’s-60’s. She is Rollie’s partner. SERIES LEAD!
MOLLY: FEMALE. Mid 30’s. She is a local farmer in Cavendish. SERIES LEAD!
BRYN: FEMALE. 16-18 years. She Ruth’s niece. SERIES LEAD!
MAYOR HELEN DRURY: FEMALE. 40’s. Is the Mayor of Cavendish. RECURRING!
OFFICER GIBBONS: MALE. 30’s-40’s. The ineffectual, de facto police chief of Cavendish. RECURRING!
FELIX: MALE. 30’s. He is Cavendish’s resident barfly. RECURRING!
DR. DALAL: MALE. 30’s-50’s. He is Rollie’s doctor. RECURRING!
Production Company: Temple Street
Network(s): CBC
Created by: Andrew Bush, Mark Little and
Garry Campbell
Executive Producers: Ivan Schneeberg,
David Fortier, Kerry Appleyard, Andrew Bush,
Mark Little
Line Producer: Ginny Jones-Duzak
Director(s): Andrew Bush and other various
directors TBA
Writers: Andrew Bush, Mark Little
Outside Date(s): August 5 to September 26
Location: Filming in Nova Scotia and PEI
Want to audition? Please send in a video!!!!!
Please head to our website (www.larissamaircasting.com) for full character descriptions, and audition material!!!
Be sure to read instructions carefully!
***(If you have an agent, please allow them to submit you)***
You do not need permission to submit, please just send in your submission!
SEND SELF-TAPES DIRECTLY TO: cavendishcasting@gmail.com
Any questions can be sent to cavendishcasting@gmail.com
You do not need to email for permission to submit!
All the material can be found under on our website: www.larissamaircasting.com
NO phone calls please!
“In accordance with CBC’s commitment to inclusion, it is a requirement that all submissions be reflective of
our country’s diversity; with a specific focus on Indigenous people, members of visible minorities, persons
with disabilities and gender balance.”

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A theatrical project to consider …

Entertaining residents at a nursing home

We want to share theatre, right?  That’s part of community theatre.
So here’s a chance to do that.

Phil Matusiewisc — a man who has a long record of public service, and incidentally has been the superb photographer for our Community Theatre Festival — is now acting as the Administrator of the Atlantic Baptist Home.  He has put a request to us:
Could our theatrical community devise activities with which to visit the nursing home — particularly the ‘secure’ units where residents are mostly living with varying degrees of dementia.

• Such visits might be single-occasion, or on-going, with some degree of regularity (e.g. monthly, every second week).  It would be during the daytime, I gather.
• Preliminary examples:
- dramatic reading of short stories and poems
- short play reading
- game-like theatrical exercises (e.g. changing facial expressions, motions to show emotions)
- simple action songs
- acting out some scenes
- doing a short rehearsal of a play you’re preparing

The nurse in charge of coordinating resident care tells us that persons with dementia — at least many of them, most of the time — will be able to appreciate such activities, even if it’s only liking the rhythm of a poem, or having a good memory associated with a song, or getting a kick out of movement.  I suppose we would learn through trial and error what works best.

Have you got some ideas?  Think you might want to give it a try to see how it goes?
Send me a note or give me a call to talk about this.
Rob Thomson -  robthomson @ pei.sympatico.ca, 902-628-6778

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A fine success!

PEI Community Theatre Festival 2018

  Saturday afternoon, March 17th at the Carrefour: what a great Community Theatre Festival it was.  It was enjoyed by the biggest audience we’ve ever had.
  Seven amateur groups presented a dandy variety of pieces: an amusing mystery, a gripping drama in French, a belly-laugh spoof of CBC-Compass, young people doing improv theatre games, excerpts of a new PEI musical, a fascinating look at family dynamics around Alzheimer’s, and colourful creations of Mi’kmaq legends.
  You can see the photos by clicking on ‘Gallery’ in the upper-right corner of the screen ... and scrolling down to click on ‘Community Theatre Festival 2018.’
  45 actors made it happen … 45 actors and an audience of about 225 ... and the front-of-house volunteers ... and our sponsors and contributors: Academy of Learning, The Buzz, Bluefield Realty, the dental clinic on Belvedere Ave; Watermark Theatre, Spotlight School of Arts and the Victoria Playhouse;Sobeys, Superstore and Foodland.
  Thanks to all for this fitting observance of World Theatre Day.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

2018 Community Theatre Festival

Saturday afternoon, March 17th - 1:00 to 5:00 - at the Carrefour
Here’s the 7-play line-up for this year’s Festival … What an afternoon of theatrical variety!

1:00 - The Murray Players -  “Any Body for Tea”
  A comedic melodrama: six ‘very-proper’ elderly spinsters find a novel way to lure an attractive homicide detective to visit them — a murder.  A play within a play, there is an unexpected and subtle twist at the very end.

1:45 - Nadine Salami & Friends - “Ma meilleure amie, ma meilleure ennemie”
  A ‘drama-comedy’ in French, featuring Rebecca Parent, Lise Morin and Veronica Jendrick.
  How toxic can your best friend or your mother’s ‘love’ be?  Scratch the veneer off and see what’s there.  Réfléchissez au côté plus sombre et plus complexe du soi et des relations dans les situations vulnérables.

2:30 - The Tracadie Players -  “News Mix at Six”
  A spoof of the Island’s familiar broadcast, with some recognizable characters (?Bryce Roomey and Bloomer Grant?) + a celebrity sighting.  What goes on behind the scenes at CBC-PEI … all en-Compassing!

3:10 - Spotlight School of Arts -  “Improv Fun!”
  Quick! spur-of-the-moment reactions to roles or suggestions as they are posed.  Surprises and laughs … Let the games begin.

3:45 - ACT (a community theatre)  -  “Rainbow Valley” (scenes)
  A sample of the romantic musical — adapted by Hank Stinson from the LM Montgomery novel — to be staged in November.  A story of the new minister, his ‘wild as the hills’ children, and the people they meet in PEI’s north-shore community where the past rules the present. Are some life-gifts a blessing or a curse?

4:15 - The Malcolm Murray Readers -  “Missing Mom” (scenes)
  A staged reading by a quartet of leading Island actors — Kathleen Hamilton, Rob MacLean, Barbara Rhodenhizer and Noah Nazim.  A man looks for his missing Mom, an Alzheimer patient, and instead finds an alternative missing Alzheimer Mom, whom he adopts.  A policeman intervenes, with unexpected result.  It’s a comedy, but it addresses the challenges of Alzheimer’s.

4:55 - Mi’kmaq Heritage Players   “Mi’kmaq Legends”
  A colourful finish: tales from the rich stock of Mi’kmaq culture, passed down from generation to generation, told with song and dance by the popular group which has given hundreds of performances here on Abegweit and away.

Drop in for a play or two or for the whole afternoon.  Doors open at 12:30.
A bargain: pay-what-you-will admission … Refreshments, too!
Info: robthomson @ pei.sympatico.ca, 902-628-6778

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Thursday, March 01, 2018

French-speaking actresses

3 women actors/actrices

Wanted: 3 French-speaking actresses
… to be in the 25-minute play “Ma meilleure amie, ma meilleure ennemie.”
Characters: two aged around 30-40, and the third around 60.
Rehearsals beginning immediately … in preparation for the PEI Community Theatre Festival on Saturday, March 17th.
Contact Nadine Salami - n.n.salami @ gmail.com

On recherche: 3 actrices francophones
... d’être dans la pièce de 25 minutes “Ma meilleure amie, ma meilleure ennemie”.
Personnages: deux âgées d’environ 30-40 ans et la troisième environ 60 ans.
Les répétitions commencent immédiatement ... en préparation du Festival de théâtre communautaire de l’Î.-P.-É., le samedi 17 mars.
Contactez Nadine Salami - n.n.salami @ gmail.com

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Friday, February 16, 2018

PEI Community Theatre Festival 2018

March 17 - an afternoon of good entertainment fun

  PEI will mark the 57th celebration of World Theatre Day on the afternoon of Saturday, March 17th, at the Carrefour in Charlottetown.  It’s the annual Community Theatre Festival.
  A half a dozen short plays (30 minutes or less) will run every three-quarters of an hour or so throughout the afternoon.  It’s a smorgasbord of comedy, charming drama, legend-telling and improv.
  PEI is full of theatre.  There are several dozen local drama groups, and literally hundreds of amateur actors and backstage workers who make plays happen.  It’s an important part of the fabric of the Island’s community life.  And the Community Theatre Festival is a great chance for participants to strut their stuff and get good feedback.  Performers will be given constructive tips by adjudicator Laura K. Bird.
  It’s great for the audience, too.  People drop in for a particular play or two, or stay for the whole afternoon.  It’s good-fun entertainment ... and it’s a bargain: pay-what-you-will admission to help defray the costs.  There’s a social time with refreshments in-between performances.
  This year’s Festival has a fine array of participants.  For ever-reliable belly-laugh humour, the Tracadie Players’ skit will be “News at 6”, a spoof of the Island’s most-watched suppertime newscast.  The Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors will present several new tellings of imaginative First-Nation legends handed down through the generations.  There is a French-language play: Nadine Salami’s drama-comedy “Ma meilleure amie, ma meilleure ennemie.”  In the suspenseful comedy “Any Body for Tea” the Murray Players have six ‘very proper’ spinsters employing an unorthodox lure to attract the attention of a handsome homicide detective.  The young people of Spotlight School of Arts will provide the fun of theatre-game improv.  We’ll also have a bonus: a staged reading from a new original script, “Missing Mom” by PEI playwright Malcolm Murray, featuring some of the Island’s best playwright-actors.
  The annual event is backed by ACT (a community theatre) and sponsored by several community businesses which have a commitment to the arts, including The Buzz, Bluefield Realty, and Academy of Learning, as well as a well-known dental clinic.  (Apparently they were not too offended last year by Tracadie’s lampoon “A Trip to the Dentist”!)  As well, the Watermark Theatre, Victoria Playhouse and Spotlight School of Arts have all donated tickets to be raffled.
  The Carrefour’s doors open at 12:30 on Saturday, March 17th; the plays begin at 1:00 and run till about 5:30.  There’ll be a 15-minute break between plays to provide for adjudication and set-up of the next play ... and also to give the audience a chance to socialize, get raffle tickets and sample the refreshments.  Snow date: Sunday 18 March.
For information: Rob Thomson - robthomson @ pei.sympatico.ca, 628-6778.

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